Katy Perry Gropes Anna Kendrick Again & This Time There's a Picture

Katy Perry and Anna Kendrick may be the most handsy friends in Hollywood, or Perry may just have a severe girl crush on Kendrick, and thats ok, because we do too. A few weeks ago, Kendrick revealed to Conan O'Brien that Perry "finger-banged" her cleavage at the Grammy Awards when she wore a low-cut Azzaro gown. Kendrick hilariously said, "If nobody did it, I would have been kind of sad." Perry must have heard her loud and clear, because it cleavage-groping Dark Horse singer went at it again. On Monday, Kendrick posted a Twitter photo of she and Perry — with Perry's hand hovering right over her chest.

Kendrick is smiling and acting casual, and Perry has a shocked look on her face, since now she has a reputation to uphold. The caption simply says, "The girl can't help it." Perry was really on a roll, since the photo was taken on Jan. 28, which was two days after the Grammys. Our new favorite duo was at the Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer event together in Culver City, Calif. when the photo was taken.

Kendrick did tell Conan, "I have met [Perry] before, and she’s, you know… aggressive. And I like that." We can't wait for more funny cleavage pictures from Perry and Kendrick — any chance that they'll make it happen at the Oscars?

Image: Getty Images