Literally Anyone Can Recreate These Makeup Looks

While it's always fun to nail a masterful winged liner, sometimes we're all just looking for an easy makeup look to rock. Because frankly some mornings even total beauty junkies like myself want something quick and simple that still looks chic. On these kinds of mornings I tend to go one of two ways: executing an all-over "no-makeup makeup" look or picking one thing on my face to bring out and doing just that. While the no-makeup makeup looks are a great go to (and there are a couple included on this list of course) and definitely the only look I wear on the weekends, it's the more adventurous easy makeup looks that really fool people into thinking you put in more effort than you did.

Nothing says "I totally have my life together and didn't sleep through my alarm today" like a bold lip, but what if bright red lipstick isn't your favorite? Lucky for you I've found a few different options to look pulled together even if makeup is not at the top of your special skills list. Check out these video tutorials from some awesome beauty YouTubers to help inspire your lazy days. Whether you're a makeup master or a total novice these looks can work for you.

1. No-Makeup Makeup

The classic lazy day look. Just a little concealer, color to the cheeks and lips, and brow and lash definition is all you need.

2. Defined Brows

You've probably heard time and again that brows frame the face, so putting a little extra effort into just your brows can create the illusion of being totally pulled together.

3. Simple Eyeshadow

This is a really simple look you can do in just a few minutes to add definition to the eye. If you're not into the eyelash curler with eyeliner hack depicted here, just use a small brush to smudge a little liner right along your lash line instead!

4. No-Makeup Makeup 2.0

Just one notch more involved than the earlier no-makeup look, this steps it up without being a full makeup situation. This tutorial has a closer focus on skin with a bit of color correcting and coverage but mostly focusing on getting a glowy, dewy complexion which makes everyone look fresh and beautiful.

5. One Color Smoky Eye

"Smoky eye" has a tendency to strike fear in the hearts of makeup novices but this tutorial is so simple. I promise you can do it!

6. A Bold Lip

Keeping the rest of your face super basic while rocking a bold lip is so chic and so easy. While the whole video is a super cute morning routine, skip to 2:46 if you're only interested in the makeup tutorial.

7. Basic Contouring

OK, OK. Maybe this one isn't *quite* as simple as the others but if you're trying to get some basic definition to your face shape, this is the way to go. It's best for lazy mornings where you're trying to look glamorous and feeling a little more motivated.

Whether you slept passed your alarm or you're just feeling low maintenance that day, I hope these looks keep you feeling simple and chic.

Image: AndreasChoice/YouTube