7 Ways To Get Beachy Waves By Twisting Your Hair — VIDEOS

There’s no specific time of the year that you have to wear a wavy hairstyle, but now that spring is here, you’re probably wanting to rock a loosely curled, beach-inspired ‘do more than ever. Thankfully, there are ways to get beachy waves by twisting your hair. These methods are great regardless of your hair type or how big of a hurry you’re in.

Don’t have time to heat up the curling iron? No worries. There are plenty of ways to get the look by twisting, either while the hair is wet or with overnight updos, will save you some time in the morning. Short or long, thick or thin there’s a way that you can get those locks looking like they’ve been blown by the sea breeze. We can’t all be seaside throughout the summer, but a girl can daydream and have the hair to complete the fantasy, right? I’m counting on it!

Unleash your inner mermaid by trying out these ways of getting flawless loose curls. Whether you’re wanting to give your mane a break and go heatless or just use the tool you’ve got on hand, there’s a tutorial here for you. Because yes, even a straightener will give you that perfectly tousled tresses.

Check out these seven curling methods to achieve all of those summer hair goals.

1. Overnight

Lilith Moon on YouTube

Twisting your hair into an updo and then sleeping with it up overnight is a great way to wake up with your hair looking just the way you wanted it.

2. While Wet

OUAI Haircare on YouTube

Hop out of the shower, clip your hair up and then finish getting ready. Dry quickly with a blow dryer before removing the clips. Then, you're ready to go, all with little to no effort.

3. With A Curling Iron

Amber Fillerup on YouTube

Master curls that aren't too tight with your curling iron once and for all with this video as your guide. Wavy strands coming right up.

4. With A Straightener

KerastaseUSA on YouTube

Even if all you have is a flat iron, you can still get effortless beachy waves. Simply twist and got over with heat. So simple, and so worth it!

5. Without Heat

Luxy Hair on YouTube

If you've got 30 extra minutes and some clips handy, you can definitely pull off this easy heatless hairstyle.

6. For Short Hair

Birchbox on YouTube

Separating hair into layers and twisting it around a curling iron will give your short hair all of the bounce you could ever hope for.

7. With A Blow Dryer

OUAI Haircare on YouTube

Twisting your strands and holding them under a blowdryer will help you quickly achieve that carefree summertime look.

Bring on all of the summertime feels with beachy waves.


Even if they're only, you know, in your hair. Sometimes that's as close as you can get!

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