'Fuller House' Season 2 Might Give D.J. A Third Love Interest & He's Another Old Favorite

If you told me a few years ago that I would once again become invested in the love life of D.J. Tanner, I would have thought that you were crazy. Mostly because I never stopped being deeply invested in D.J.'s romantic entanglements via Full House, but also because I never thought I would see the day that D.J. and Steve would get a second chance at romance. Then Fuller House happened, and suddenly D.J.'s love life became something that TV fans could once again get behind. The D.J. that we know in 2016 is a widow with three kids, but her love life is even more complicated than it was when she was in high school. D.J.'s vet partner Matt and her high school boyfriend Steve are still battling it out to win her heart, even though D.J. made the decision to focus on herself in the Season 1 finale of Fuller House. But will D.J. stay single for long? A Fuller House spoiler from Yahoo hints that D.J. may have a third love interest in Season 2, and it could be bad boy Viper.

Yahoo caught up with Full House actor David Lipper, who played Viper in Uncle Jesse's hilariously named band Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets, and it turns out that there's a chance that Viper could get new life on the sequel series. According to Yahoo, Lipper was asked by Fuller House producers about his "availability" during filming of Season 2, implying that, if Lipper has interest in appearing on the show, Viper could potentially return to his old stomping grounds.

If Viper does make an appearance on Season 2, it will hopefully be to try to sweep D.J. off her feet — just like Viper did on the original series. Viper's initial appearance on Full House had him competing with Nelson for D.J.'s affections, which ultimately ended with D.J. deciding to date neither boy. Though the plot line was revisited with Matt and Steve in Season 1 of Fuller House, throwing Viper into the mix would be a great throwback to the original series, not to mention seriously complicate D.J.'s love life.

D.J. may be choosing herself this time around, but hey, what's a sitcom without some hilarious romantic shenanigans, right? Here's hoping that Viper returns to bring back these shenanigans in spades.