'House of Cards': Catch Up on Season 1 Before Marathoning Season 2

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This Friday is what we've all been waiting for—not Valentine's Day, do you know who I am? But the Netflix premiere of Season 2 of House of Cards. Last year, the first season of the Netflix original was released over Superbowl weekend, which proved difficult for some if sports are your thing. This year they delayed the release a week, waiting for Valentine's Day, which seems a perfect choice for Season 2 of the bloody, darkly-lit political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright to air.

Before you watch Season 2, though, you should probably brush up on what went down in Season 1. Spoiler alert: A LOT OF SHIT WENT DOWN. Rewatching it is ideal, but if you don't have 13 hours to spare before Friday, you can take a look at our brief recaps of each Chapter of the first Season.

Images: House of Cards/Netflix

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