9 Questions 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Needs To Answer If It Really Is The Show's Last

We're getting down to the wire on Pretty Little Liars. Though the Freeform series was renewed by the network simultaneously for Season 6 and Season 7, so far there has been no word as to whether the mystery drama will receive a Season 8. In other words, Season 7 might be Pretty Little Liars' swan song, which is absolutely bonkers to think about considering it seems like we have so much mystery to unpack in the show's final season. You can blame the mind-blowing Season 6 finale for that, which revealed that not only does Jessica DiLaurentis have an identical twin named Mary Drake, but also that Mary is Charlotte's (aka Big A's) biological mother. Yep, Pretty Little Liars left us with a ton of questions walking out of Season 6, and if the series really is ending after Season 7, then it's time we get our answers, stat.

Of course, the questions that fans have for Pretty Little Liars aren't specific to Season 6. The show has built itself around constantly posing questions and introducing new aspects to this deeply entrenched mystery, which means that even the most jaw-dropping season finale can't tell us everything we want to know. Here are the questions that Pretty Little Liars most needs to answer if Season 7 is the last, because we can't wonder for much longer:

1. Who Killed Jessica?

Unless Charlotte's an even bigger liar than we thought, she wasn't the person who murdered the DiLaurentis matriarch. Did Mary murder Jessica because she couldn't "protect" her anymore? That mysterious e-mail wasn't sent to Charlotte.

2. Who Is Dr. Rollins, And Why Is He Faking An American Accent?

Seriously, what is up with this guy? Charlotte may have loved him, but I have a feeling that she didn't know all of Dr. Rollins' secrets — like, maybe, that he also dating her sister?

3. What Were Those N.A.T. Videos All About?


Ian told Ali that the N.A.T. Club videos could "bring everyone down," including Ali's own family. So... what was Ian talking about? And does it have anything to do with Mary?

4. Who Is Charlotte's Father?


We know from the file that Spencer found that Mary gave birth to Charlotte in Radley, and that there was no name listed on the birth certificate. Could Charlotte's father be someone we already know, like Kenneth DiLaurentis or Peter Hastings, or is he totally anonymous right now?

5. Who Killed Charlotte, And Why?


Charlotte's killer is still at large, and definitely dangerous. Did someone kill Charlotte to protect the Liars, or could a truly evil entity have murdered her for his or her own nefarious purpose? The "why" is just as important as the "who" in this case, because given her A status, Charlotte had plenty of reasons for people to despise her.

6. Are Mary And Dr. Rollins Working For Uber A?

According to Andrea Parker (who plays both Jessica and Mary) in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mary is not Uber A — and since it's pretty unlikely that the series would reveal the biggest, baddest villain before the final season of the show, it's fair to say that neither is Dr. Rollins. But could they be working for the head A in charge? It seems pretty likely, but only time will tell if they're working with Uber A or if they have their own agenda.

7. What Is Sara Looking For?


Sara is lurking around the Radley for some reason, but why isn't at all clear. Is she looking for Charlotte's secret fortune, or something even more sinister?

8. How Many People Are Out To Take Down The Liars?


Charlotte's killer, Uber A, Mary and Dr. Rollins... is there anyone else's name we should be adding to this list? Could some of these villains be one and the same?!

9. Who Is Uber A?


Fingers crossed that this answer is the most twisted and mind-blowing of them all — we've all been waiting seven seasons for it, after all.

No matter how many questions that PLL answers in Season 7, I'd totally take more questions if it meant we'd get a Season 8 to answer them.

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