Why Is Sara Harvey Still In Rosewood On 'PLL'?

by Kaitlin Reilly

The Liars have faced a number of nefarious foes over the years, including (but definitely not limited to) Shana, Detective Wilden, and Big A Charlotte herself. However, it's a lot easier to pinpoint a villain when you can get at least a slight grasp on their intentions. That's certainly not the case for one of the Liars' likely enemies, Sara Harvey, though: As revealed in the Season 6A finale "Game Over, Charles," Sara acted as Charlotte's right-hand woman during her A adventures, dressing up as both Red Coat and Black Widow — but whether she was conned into helping Charlotte or a willing participant is an entirely different question. Now that Charlotte is dead, it's unclear what Sara can get from her time in Rosewood, and it's only natural for the Liars to be super suspicious of the person who may have acted as Charlotte's second in command. So why is Sara still hanging around Rosewood? That's one question that both the Liars — and fans — are desperate to know.

Sara is still one of the most mysterious characters on Pretty Little Liars, which is saying quite a lot considering our alternatives. If she's making Rosewood her home, there has to be a big secret attached. What was she looking for in the secret rooms of The Radley? Why isn't she packing her bags now that the Liars have nothing but suspicion towards her? Here are a few reasons why Sara could be sticking around:

1. She's Searching For Charlotte's Money

Maybe Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake aren't the only people looking to get a piece of Charlotte's fortune. Sara told Mona that she wouldn't leave Rosewood until she "got what's coming" to her, then seemed to hint that she was looking for something of Charlotte's. Maybe Charlotte hid money in the secret rooms of Radley, which Sara wants as payment for the years she spent working as her accomplice.

2. Sara Wants To Avenge Charlotte's Death

Maybe the Liars are right, and Sara really is Uber A — or at least working under that person. If that's the case, she could be the one who kidnapped Hanna and took her to the bell tower, so she could make "Charlotte's killer" pay by having Hanna meet the same fate as Charlotte did.

3. Sara Killed Charlotte And Wants To Make Sure The Liars Go Down For It

Sara claims that she and Charlotte were close friends, but perhaps that was a lie that she told Ali in order to get Ali to believe that she wasn't the one who hurt her sister. Sara could be the killer hiding in plain sight, and secretly setting up the Liars so that they go down for the crime she committed.

4. Sara Wants To Find Mary Drake

If Charlotte really did know her biological mother, then perhaps Sara wants to find Mary is order to stay connected to Charlotte. Sara's own mother doesn't seem very motherly, and perhaps Sara wants Mary to be the mom she never had — just like she claimed Charlotte was the sister she never had. Mary doesn't seem to be winning any parenting awards any time soon, but hey, Sara's no angel, either.

Only time will tell why Sara keeps lurking in the shadows of Rosewood — right now the only thing we know for sure is that she is definitely up to no good.

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