When Does Kylie Jenner Feel Sexiest? The Answer Might Surprise You

With her throng of sexy Instagram photos, it would sure seem like Kylie Jenner feels sexiest, well, all the time. From her body-baring bikini snaps to her pouty selfies, I would assume that whenever Jenner looks into a front-facing camera she feels sexy, but she recently told People Magazine something totally different. Apparently Kylie Jenner feels sexiest when she first gets out of the shower.

"Right after you shower you feel super clean and fresh. That's when I feel the best," she explained to People while promoting her new nail polish collection for Sinful Colors. This statement comes as a bit of a shock since she almost always perfectly done-up (and sells makeup like no other), but I totally get where she's coming from. Not to mention this realization fits in perfectly with her 2016 resolution to wear less makeup. Maybe Kylie took a cue from her sis Kendall, who basically goes makeup free on a daily basis.

It's honestly nice to hear that a super glam celebrity feels sexiest when she isn't all dolled up, but also, if she felt sexiest when she had a perfectly-applied face full of makeup, that's cool too. But let's face it, Kylie Jenner is pretty sexy, whether she's barefaced or dressed to the nines.

Based on Jenner's remarks, it's probably safe to say she was really feeling sexy when she took these fresh selfies.

How cute are her freckles?

Definitely feeling herself in this selfie.

Aww, she's so cute.

Maybe not "no makeup," but definitely "less makeup."

Rock on, Kylie.