'Catfish' Couple Ray & Lexi Bring Us The Most Bizarre Family-Filled Plot Twist Ever

No matter how many episodes of Catfish I watch, I never stop becoming emotionally attached to the victim, and the latest episode is no different. This week, MTV introduced us to Ray, a super sweet, really sincere guy who's impossible not to root for, but I gotta be honest. Things aren't looking good for him, and it's all because of his online love's family drama. But he does have one thing going for him: When it's time to call in Nev and Max, they will get the job done, no matter how complicated his story is. On Catfish , Ray wants to meet Lexie after she's gone MIA, but once they come face to face, the results are even more insane than you might have thought.

At its heart, Ray's story is a lot like ones we've heard on the show before. This guy has put years of conversation, feelings, and yes, even nude photos into this relationship, but Lexie refuses to meet up with him. What's worse? When she sends messages she wishes she could take back, she blames it on her sisters, Alexia and Lexa. Is it just me, or does that just sound like the fakest excuse ever?! Nev and Max feel the same way, which is why it's super important to solve this mystery before Ray gets even more invested.

At first, the hunt seems impossible. There are a lot of Alexas and Alexises in the world, so it's hard to track down the one Ray's been talking to. But then, they message a guy named Jesse, who seems to be dating one of the sisters, Alexia. But once they get him on the phone, they find out that's not the case at all — he actually used to talk to Alexia online, but she refused to meet him in person. And she happened to change her name a few times to the many incarnations of Lexie that Ray's heard of. At this point, it's pretty obvious: Lexie is one person, and she's catfishing multiple dudes.

But even knowing she lied to him, Ray still wants to meet her, and after a little persuading from Nev — who laid down an A+ guilt trip, honestly — Lexie agrees to meet up. So off to Iowa they go, and when they get to her house, her sister, Lexa, answers the door and says Lexie left because she was too nervous. Wait, WHAT? Nev wasn't born yesterday, so he says what we're all thinking: This has gotta be Lexie, right? But she insists she isn't, and that's when things get even weirder. Lexie calls Ray and apologizes for flaking, and agrees to see them tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, and once again, the sister answers the door. But this time, Nev's demanding answers. Shocker, shocker: She's actually Lexie, and her real name is Marlena. Whoops! She didn't feel like anyone would like her as she is, so she decided to create an online persona to mask her insecurity. And although she alsoadmits she no longer has feelings for Ray, he's a total trooper and tells her he hopes she finds peace with herself and leaves saying he's glad he doesn't have to wonder anymore.

And for the record, in the update, Ray seems totally happy and has moved on from the situation completely, which is awesome to hear. A happier ending than I ever would have expected, and hopefully, Marlena has officially learned her lesson. No more catfishing — and none for her "sisters," either.

Image: MTV