Google "Animal Noises" To Hear The Sounds Your Favorite Animals Make, Because Why The Heck Not?

I know what you're thinking: What does a zebra sound like? Well, as always, everyone's favorite search engine has all the answers. You can now Google "animal noises" to hear different animal sounds paired with a picture of the creature in question. The results pop up at the top of the page and allow you to hear a variety of sounds without having to visit any other site. The animals include a zebra (hooray!), bowhead whale, humpback whale (these are very different), elephant, and raccoon. True story: I have spent about the last seven minutes listening to the sounds over and over again and trying to recreate them myself. Ha! Kidding. Not really.

This new feature is just one more thing confirming how awesome Google is, providing random-but-interesting information at the punch of a few keys. Now I know where to go the next time I want to hear what sound a turkey really makes. Spoiler: It's a lot more terrifying than the words "gobble gobble" would have you expect.

Here's a helpful hint: Make sure you try the search more than once, because you'll get a different set of animals each time you run the search. Upon Googling "animal noises" a second time, I was pleased to discover a lion, pig, owl, and more. Mashable reports that there are 19 animals in total, certain to provide you at least a solid hour of entertainment.

This isn't the only information Google readily serves up while letting you avoid having to sift through the search results. You can also type in math equations, which renders a full calculator with the answer.

Additionally, you can translate words between languages right in the search bar. The results might not be 100 percent accurate, but it'll do the job the next time I try to speak to my French boyfriend in his mother tongue.

Look at me. I'm practically fluent.

Google continues to prove itself as hip, ever-evolving, and an infinite source of wisdom. Mooooo.

Images: Angelina Litvin/Unsplash; Google (3)