'Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd Can Learn A Lot About Parenting From The Show That Brought Them Together

Well, these former Big Brother contestants have a lot of happy news to share. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are married and having a baby, they revealed to Us Weekly. Rather than the big wedding they originally planned to hold in Mexico in September, after learning of Lloyd's pregnancy, the pair who met during Season 11 of BB opted for a quiet ceremony with friends at the Beverly Hills court house on March 15. "I was not expecting it!" Lloyd shared about her pregnancy. "My mind was completely on wedding mode and not on baby mode — was not expecting babies for like another two years, and, yeah, so then that’s what happened."

Lloyd, who won her season of Big Brother , suggested to Schroeder that they should get married now and then have a bigger wedding later after the baby arrives in October. Lloyd told Us,

I said, "Why don’t we go on ahead and go to the courthouse, and make it legal?" And I’m more traditional anyway, so I was like, "I want our baby to have our same last name on the birth certificate too." So I was like, "Let’s just go on ahead and get married, and then we’ll have the baby, and then next year we’ll have a wedding ceremony with all of our friends."

Well, there's no doubt they are experiencing a lot of excitement all at once; though, I'm sure they are a bit overwhelmed by it all happening so suddenly. So, why not lend them a helping hand? Marriage is one thing, but parenthood is a whole other ball game. So, here is my stab at providing some helpful parenthood tips from Big Brother to help Schroeder and Lloyd when their baby boy or girl arrives.

Don't Lie


Lying isn't going to get you anywhere as parents, especially if you're lying to each other. Both marriage and parenthood is all about trust, so keep those lies for inside the Big Brother house.

Strategizing Is Helpful


Let's face it, parenthood comes with a lot of scheduling and routines, so what better way to keep everything organized than with a good strategy?

Having An Alliance Is Key


If parents aren't aligned with one another, then how the heck can they successfully parent? It's all about teamwork.

Get Used To Slop


Now, this won't be like the slop BB contestants know and hate, but it's a variation. From spit up to messy diapers, slop is something parents know all too well.

Vetoing Comes In Handy


Like Ross and Rachel from Friends , when it comes to naming the baby, vetoing always comes in handy. I mean, there are just some names that should never be used.

You Both Need To Be Head Of Household


Unlike BB, when it comes to raising a child it's good to have two head of households. Again, working equally alongside one another will make parenting that much easier.

You'll Play New Kinds Of Games


Parenting is kind of like an endurance competition, but it's also a time to acquaint yourself with a lot of kid-related games. That's really nothing to complain about, because who doesn't love Candy Land or a good kitty cat puzzle?

Get Out Of The House


On BB, the contestants can't leave the house. However, in real life, you can, and should definitely do so as parents. Becoming a mom and dad doesn't mean you can't have your own life or continue to have fun.

With that, congrats to Jeff and Jordan on all of their exciting news!

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