'Outlander' Introduces A Brand New Villain

Whether you believe Captain "Black Jack" Randall is dead or off licking his wounds somewhere, the Outlander Season 2 premiere wasted no time in finding a new Big Bad to fill the villainous void he's left behind. Only this time, instead of a sadistic English Redcoat, Claire and Jamie will be dealing with the wrath of a French nobleman by the name of Le Comte St. Germain, played by French actor Stanley Weber. So who is this guy and why should fans be worried about him? Well, for starters, he and Claire did not get off to a very good start when her pronouncement of smallpox caused his ship and all of his possessions onboard to be destroyed. Suffice to say, this guy is not going to take too kindly to losing so much money at her expense and will seek retribution against our beloved Sassenach.

It figures that Claire and Jamie would escape from one terrifying enemy only to find themselves the target of someone else's vengeance only a short time thereafter. (Can't these two ever keep a low profile like ever?) But then again, Claire's strong will and defiance against "the man" is one of the reasons we love this character so much. But that still doesn't make me any less worried. E! Online reports that the actor is scheduled to appear in a majority of all the France-based episodes, so this problem won't be going away anytime soon. In fact, it's only going to get worse.

According to TVLine, St. Germain's villainy will only grow more merciless as the season progresses and will eventually be revealed as a member of the occult. It's also worth noting that St. Germain was actually a real historical figure, known as an eighteenth-century adventurer, musical composer, capable violinist, and expert chemist. So he was pretty much a jack of all trades, though I doubt he ever quarreled with a time-traveling female and her husband. (But hey, you never know!)

And even if this character doesn't quite posses the same level of cruelty and ruthlessness as Black Jack Randall, his demeanor so far proves that he'll certainly be enough to be getting on with for the time being. Claire and Jamie have already been through so much. I'd hate to see yet another Big Bad come between them.

Image: Starz (2)