Dorinda Medley's Daughter Hannah Lynch Comments On Her Mom’s 'RHONY' Fame With A Fresh Perspective

I imagine that it has to be pretty tough for children of reality TV stars. These are people who were not cast on the show, but they are a part of their parents' lives so their personal business gets shared every now and then even when they are not a part of a scene. During a premiere party for Season 8 of RHONY hosted by Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein on Wednesday, April 6, Dorinda's daughter Hannah Lynch shares her feelings about her mom's time on Real Housewives of New York City.

With some encouragement from her famous mom, Hannah gets on stage as her mother thanks her for all of her love and support, and then Hannah shares her own thoughts on the reality TV lifestyle. "I think people really judge the Housewives, but you guys need to remember that these are a bunch of women that are putting their lives out on the line for everyone to look at and to judge," Hannah says.

Not only that, but Hannah explains that everyone in the cast has a great quality that is worth admiring: fearlessness. "It really just about fearlessness," she says. "That's what these women embody. It is about fearlessness and that's what these women stand for and we should all be empowered by that."

She's not wrong. It really takes a lot of courage share every part of your life, relive it a million times over when episodes air, and face criticism from people you don't even know.

After standing up for the women of Real Housewives, Hannah gets more personal and says, "I am incredibly proud of my mom. I love you very much and you are an incredible role model." And she truly keeps it real with a sentiment many mothers and daughters can relate to when she adds, "And thank you for the dress."

Not everyone chooses to be on reality TV, but Hannah cannot help that she is the daughter of a beloved Real Houswife. Although she lives a more private life than her famous mama, she will not hold back when it comes to sharing the love, admiration, and respect she has for her.