Will There Be A 'When The Heart Calls' Season 4?

The Hallmark channel series When Calls the Heart, a period piece about a young woman living in a Canadian frontier town, is having its Season 3 finale on Sunday, April 10. And, it's the last confirmed episode of the series, since Hallmark has not yet announced whether When Calls the Heart will return for Season 4. But, don't be too worried — According to Deadline, the show's third season renewal wasn't announced until June of 2015, months after the second season had come to an end. So, even though Season 4 of When Calls the Heart will probably air in early 2017 (based on the previous seasons' premiere schedule), the fate of the show probably won't be decided for a few months. The show's profile may be small, but, since there's so much television out there, there should be room for this sweet show.

But, there are plenty of other series that you can catch up on while you wait for the announcement about whether or not there's going to be a When Calls the Heart Season 4. And, fortunately the TV genre of period piece romances has been picking up some steam. Here are some options to tide you over!

Hart Of Dixie

While Hart of Dixie is set in contemporary America instead of Canada a hundred years ago, it's a similar story — a young woman leaves her high-paced lifestyle to move to a much smaller, slower, little town in the countryside.


Talk about a perfect match — this series is about to premiere its second season just as When Calls The Heart goes off the air. A time-traveling romance that's based on a series of books, Outlander has a bit of a sci-fi edge, but should appeal to WCtH fans.

Mercy Street

A patiently paced medical drama set in the American South during the Civil War, this series from 2015 is a good marathon option to fans of period drama (or those who wish WCtH had more gory surgery scenes). And the second season was already confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, so there's no fear that it will be cut short.


Is your favorite aspect of When Calls the Heart the fact that it's set in Canada? Well, why not check out the longest-running one-hour drama in Canadian history, Heartland, about a Canadian rancher family. And for US viewers who may not be familiar with the show, it's currently available on Hulu.

Downton Abbey

The recently concluded series, which aired in the US on PBS, shows what it would be like if Elizabeth never left her privileged background — Downton is all about the life of wealthy British aristocrats and their servants, while living in a manor house.

Anne Of Green Gables

I will never pass up an opportunity to recommend that people catch up with Anne of Green Gables. It's a coming of age story about a girl who grows up to be a teacher, it's set in Canada, and it's based on a series of books. It might be a little older than most of the shows on this list, but I think it has a lot of similarities with When Calls the Heart.

And, while you make your way through some of these shows, I'm sure WCtH will be back in no time for more action, adventure, and romance.

Images: Eike Schroter/Hallmark; Giphy (2)