'Outlander' Book Spoilers From 'Dragonfly In Amber' Will Whet Your Appetite For Claire & Jamie's Next Adventure

Outlander returns for Season 2 this week and promises even more time traveling romance than ever before. However, fans of the series know that Outlander is just one in a series of eight novels and some additional novellas and short stories, so we can make educated guesses as to what's going to happen in Outlander Season 2, much like fans did in the early years of Game of Thrones. If you simply can't wait to know what happens next to Jamie and Claire, but can't commit to a new book series right now, I totally get it, and here are plenty of Outlander Season 2 spoilers from Dragonfly In Amber, the novel that picks up where Season 1 left off, to tide you over.

Of course, Outlander has already made some changes to Diana Gabaldon's first novel in the series. They could keep changing things as they go. One of the biggest spoilers, actually, is that as much as they try, Jamie and Claire can't seem to change or stop history from happening in Scotland. At least not on a grand scale. Eventually, the series becomes more about surviving and trying to save the lives of loved ones against the force of history than any big revolutionary aspirations. Besides that, here are some of the biggest book spoilers for the immediate Outlander future.

Claire Goes Back

That's the big one, which has already been hinted at in the Season 2 trailer. Right before the battle of Culloden, Claire and her unborn baby return to their own time to escape the fighting.

There's A Huge Time Jump

A different kind of time jump, that is. When we catch up with Claire back in the present — it's actually the future. She's been back for 20 years, and in 1968 is living in Scotland. However, everyone talks about how well Claire has aged over the decades.

Claire & Jamie Have A Daughter

Her name is Brianna. On the Starz series, she will be played by actress Sophie Skelton, according to Entertainment Weekly. This is also not the child that Claire is carrying at the end of Season 1. She has a miscarriage during Dragonfly In Amber, but gets pregnant again with Brianna.

Off (Getting High) With The French

Back where Outlander Season 1 left off, Claire and Jamie go to France to work with the Jacobites and try to stop the rebellions that will ultimately claim the lives of their friends. They meet up with one of Jamie's cousins and infiltrate the aristocracy. Which basically just means they get to play fancy French dress up — yay!

Jack Is Alive

Yikes! That's the worst news. In the novel, Jack Randall survives and somehow makes it to France. Claire and Jamie are conflicted, because as despicable as Jack is, killing him would remove Claire's past/future husband Frank Randall from existence. He and Jamie have a confrontation, and let's just say that Jamie is not keeping any promises.

Geiliss Returns, Sort Of

While Claire's witch friend from Season 1 doesn't return, Claire manages to track down one of her and Dougal's — who Jamie kills in the past — descendants in 1968. He is a priest's son and historian named Roger Wakefield who joins Claire's investigation into the Battle of Culloden basically just so he can spend more time with Brianna. Roger was actually seen in Season 1, but still a child. We should additionally catch a glimpse of Geiliss (if that's even her real name) in Season 2, but it is very brief.

They Also Aquire A Foster Son

I'll end on a happy note, and not much is happier than wee Fergus! Jamie and Claire "adopt" this French boy named Claudel, and hire him as a page/pickpocket while in France. He also lives for a time with Jamie's sister Jenny and her husband. Of course, Jamie renamed Claudel with a more "manly" sounding name... which is Fergus Fraser. Poor Claire.

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