Trent Harmon Wins 'American Idol' Season 15 And His Winning Moment Is The Cutest Ever

And there it is, American Idol fans — the last Idol winner EVER has been crowned! While both Trent Harmon or La'Porsha Renae are great enough to take the crown, only one could win. So who was the chosen one? Trent Harmon won American Idol Season 15 and he had the sweetest winning moment ever. As sad as it is that the legendary competition has come to an end, it couldn't have ended in a better way. Harmon is the perfect winner to end this competition for so many reasons.

Not only is Harmon the winner of Idol Season 15, he's the last Idol in the show's history. That's a pretty big title to bear. But the 25-year-old seems up for the job. Harmon has been a fan favorite since the beginning of the season, so there's no question as to why he was crowned the final Idol winner. Aside from having a crazy amazing voice, he has the charm and personality that it takes to be an American Idol winner. Seriously, he proved it the minute his name was announced as the winner. After literally picking himself up off the floor, Harmon embraced runner-up Renae and the two had a private little chat. We may never know what was said, but I can only guess that it was nothing but kind and motivational words.

The last few weeks have been a battle, but Harmon didn't let that effect his performances, which is why he's standing here today. And if you doubted his worthiness at all, then his final performance surely changed your mind. Harmon welcomed his victory with by singing his winning single, "Falling," and it was the performance of a true winner. There's no doubt Harmon promises to bring even more amazing performances to his fans in the future and I, for one, can't wait to see what he brings us yet.

Image: Frank Micelotta/FOX