La'Porsha Renae Debuts Her Single 'Battles' On 'American Idol' And It Deserves A Listen

T-minus 24 hours until the final American Idol is crowned and the finalists are bringing their all. The final three Idol contestants performed their "Winner's Songs" tonight, which will be their first singles should they win the competition. While all three contestants' songs were great, there was one whose stood out — and that was La'Porsha Renae. Renae's song, "Battles," showed the audience exactly what a Renae album would sound like, and it's pretty awesome.

Renae is the final woman standing in the competition, which makes her performance even sweeter. "Battles" is a powerful, moving song that deserves to be a hit. It mixes a strong message with gorgeous vocals — which is something Renae is great at. With music nowadays sending such mixed and negative messages to listeners, "Battles" is extremely refreshing. It's empowering to both men and women alike and I, for one, know that I would have that song on repeat.

Much like her song, Renae has been a refreshing addition to the Idol stage. This season boasted a heavy roster of male singers, but Renae has held her own. Not only is she repping women on the famed stage, she's doing it in the greatest way possible — by empowering women through her music. Renae does her best to ensure that every song she sings sends a positive message to women. And when she sings a song that doesn't fit that description, she is physically uncomfortable with it. That itself sends such a strong message about who she is as both a performer and person. If Renae were to win Idol and embark on a music career, she would use her platform for empowerment — and that is such an amazing thing. If that fact alone doesn't encourage you to vote for her, then listen to her music. Trust me, this girl is the real deal and 100% deserves to take the final American Idol title.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX