April Files A Restraining Order Against Jackson On 'Grey's Anatomy' But She May Have Acted Too Soon

As a huge longtime fan of Jackson and April on Grey's Anatomy, it's been heartbreaking to watch their marriage crumble underneath them since losing their son... and now that they're divorced, it's not getting any easier. Since Arizona spilled the beans to Jackson that April is pregnant, the tension is off the charts, and although it didn't seem possible, it's about to get so much worse. Because now, Mama Avery is back in town, and she's out for blood. On this week's Grey's Anatomy , April files a restraining order against Jackson, and their battle is just beginning.

On last week's episode, Catherine hatched the idea that Jackson could sue April for fraud, since she didn't tell him she was pregnant when they signed the divorce papers, even though she did already know about the baby at that time. According to Catherine, it would be the fastest path to Jackson gaining full custody of the baby, and now, April's totally filled in on her plan. She overheard Catherine talking about it to Richard, but what she didn't hear was how against the whole thing Richard was, and it seems like he's going to be instrumental in talking this angry grandma off the legal ledge.

What she also doesn't know? The fact that Jackson is actually mad at his mom for suggesting such a thing, and that by the end of the day, she was apologizing to him for going way too mama bear on him. But it was too late at that point. Later that night, Jackson's having a beer at the bar when he's served with papers. Yep, April's filed a restraining order against him, because she's not about to let herself be the victim in this situation.

But wait: There's more! At the same time, April gets home to find a crib with a big bow on it... and a note from Jackson saying he doesn't want to fight anymore.

If there was ever a chance that these two could co-parent together in peace, I have a bad feeling that idea's out the window now. On one hand, April totally acted without thinking this through, and she probably should have talked to Jackson first instead of going off of information she just overheard. On the other hand, hearing her baby daddy's super powerful mom threaten to take away her baby? Who could blame her for springing into action in the interest of her kid? It'll be interesting to see how Jackson chooses to handle this... but I have a feeling that lawsuit might just be back on the table.

Image: Ron Batzdorff/ABC