Why Is Jackson Suing April On 'Grey's Anatomy'? He's Probably Not Motivated By Money Alone

Any time a couple gets together on Grey's Anatomy, you sort of have to look at it with one-eye closed and your fingers crossed behind your back. For whatever reason (drama), the show's lovers always seem Romeo-and-Juliet level doomed. Sadly, Jackson and April's Grey's Anatomy relationship seems to be no exception. the husband and wife have had their fair share of turbulence, what with April becoming a trauma surgeon in the army following the death of their first child (from a birth defect). Now they've gotten divorced, and Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery is not going to let her boy go down without a fight and suggested a lawsuit because April supposedly "withheld information." But, why would Jackson sue April to begin with? What can he possibly hope to gain?

To recap: April is preggo, Catherine is a dragon mother, and Jackson doesn't really know which direction is up at this point. And, since April and Jackson were in the midst of a divorce, they weren't exactly feeling all warm and fuzzy towards each other. Enter Catherine, who ostensibly cozies up to her future former daughter-in-law to offer April a shoulder to cry on. Catherine intones that she knows how hard it is to be pregnant, relating that it was so difficult to carry Jackson while also perform surgery. Drained after surgery and seizing this opportunity to open up to someone, April discloses the details of her pregnancy to Catherine. April tells her that she is 13 weeks pregnant, and found out that she was pregnant the day that she and Jackson signed the divorce papers. How's that for timing? The conversation ends well, and it seems like speaking to Jackson's mother gives April the impetus to ask him to come speak with her. However, Catherine Avery had other plans in mind.

When Jackson goes to Catherine to thank her for her help in the situation, Catherine reveals her true intentions for speaking with April: Pumping her for information. Catherine tells Jackson that she gathered enough about April's pregnancy to sue her for fraud. Though this woman is a surgeon by nature, she sure seems to know a thing or two about beating the legal system. Catherine says that Jackson would be able to sue April for fraud based on the fact that April knew that she was pregnant and withheld the information before signing the divorce papers. I haven't seen quite enough Law and Order to discern exactly how this works, but, based on the context clues, it seems that Jackson could stand to win a lot of money. That's the only possible thing he could get from a suit, since he couldn't force her to, like, get an abortion or something.


Jackson is a plastic surgeon, a profession that is not known for its low income, so it's not like he needs the cash flow from his ex-wife. However, if Jackson chooses to sue April, the decision would most likely stem from the need for revenge and/or his mother's manipulation. It doesn't seem as though it's the most mature or caring move to make, but if Jackson feels threatened enough, he could be seeing April in court. It seems as though there is a lot of impending hurt coming up in Grey's — as usual!

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