Riggs & Owen Have Even More Tension On 'Grey's Anatomy' & He Might Not Be The Guy Everyone Thinks He Is

Since Nathan Riggs first appeared at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital at the beginning of this season, the tension between him and Owen Hunt has been through the roof. On multiple occasions, things have gotten so bad between them that it's come to actual blows. And for a long time, we only knew that Riggs was someone from Owen's past, and even though there's still a little mystery surrounding him, we know he was married to Owen's sister and was instrumental in her disappearance. And on this week's Grey's Anatomy , Owen and Riggs' feud got even worse... if that's possible.

Why? It all started when Meredith, Riggs, and Owen ended up on the same helicopter, and Owen finds out that Riggs offered Amelia a drink. Of course, this is upsetting to Owen not just because of his relationship with Amelia but also because she's struggled to overcome her alcoholism for a long time. Riggs didn't know that, though, and as Meredith points out, Amelia's the only one responsible for whether she took that drink or not, but Owen doesn't care. It's just one more reason for him to hate Riggs, and it definitely doesn't seem like he's changing his mind anytime soon.

But then, Owen says something interesting. In a private moment with Riggs, he tells him he needs to stop lying to everyone at the hospital to make them think he's a good guy when he knows he's not. Could there be some substance to what Owen's saying? His sister is clearly a sensitive subject, but I doubt that Owen would accuse him of something for the sake of being mean to him... unless something else happened with Riggs in the past that we're not privy to yet.

I have a feeling there are more truths about Riggs that will come out soon. If Owen's right, it could make this situation even more complicated than it was already... which means this is about to get good.

Image: Mitch Haaseth/ABC