Carter Hall Returned To 'Legends Of Tomorrow' & It Could Signal The End For Kendra & Ray

Legends of Tomorrow has been known to produce some pretty intense action sequences, but what this show maybe doesn't get enough credit for are the relationships that exist between its characters. However, that fact became much more prominent during Thursday night's episode titled "Progeny" when Carter Hall returned to Legends of Tomorrow in a series of flashbacks that were absolutely heartbreaking. Apparently Kendra has been experiencing a flood of memories and emotions surrounding one of her previous lives with Carter. More specifically, the one where the two of them have a child. As a result, she's started feeling guilty about dating Ray, later confessing to him that it feels like she's cheating on Carter in a way. And while Ray could not have been more understanding about the situation, I fear that it could signal the end to Ray and Kendra's relationship.

In all honesty, I think they make for a pretty great couple, so it'd be a shame if that really ends up being the case. Don't get me wrong, I really liked her with Carter as well. But there is such a thing as being in love with two different people, and considering that Carter is no longer around for this particular lifetime (*sobs*), she shouldn't feel guilty for finding love somewhere else. Knowing Carter, he'd want her to be happy and Ray is definitely one of the good ones.

Aside from that, though, it was pretty great to see Carter again, even in a purely flashback capacity. I didn't realize just how much I missed his character until he popped up on my screen again. So even though it doesn't seem like he'll be getting a magical resurrection like what happened to Sara on Arrow, at least we can hope to see more of him if Kendra's visions continue. Let's just hope that it doesn't end up tearing her and Ray apart in the process.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW; Katie Yu/The CW