Alice & Agent Dao Team Up On 'The Catch', But Can He Be Trusted?

Remember when Alice was hellbent on finding Christopher on her own and basically told FBI Agent Jules Dao to stay out of her way? It turns out they have more in common than she thought, and Alice and Agent Dao have officially teamed up on The Catch because each has a highly personal reason for wanting to track down Christopher — who Dao refers to as "Mr X." As a refresher, he's been after Christopher for two years and followed him across Europe and eventually to Los Angeles. But, it's not solely out of dedication to his job — Dao drops a major bombshell on Alice when he claims that Christopher is a murderer.

Now, you'd think this insane revelation would stop Alice dead in her tracks — and it did for a hot second because at least this time she listened for long enough to learn that Dao, too, has a personal connection to Christopher and the FBI doesn't know about it. Still, she's not ready to join forces just yet because (in case you hadn't noticed) Alice does everything on her own terms. Plus, she has places to be — specifically, sneaking into a hospital to be injected with a potentially life-threatening drug. (Just another glamorous day in the life of Alice Vaughan.)

She leaves the hospital in seriously rough shape — but instead of going home to bed, Alice heads straight to the restaurant where Christopher is wining and dining his latest victim, Princess Zara Al-Salim. After Margot casually murders Qasim in the restaurant bathroom, Christopher calls Alice and begs her to leave the scene. She does the sensible thing and continues to prowl the restaurant even though she's about to pass out — and guess who's there when she collapses? Yep, Agent Dao.

Finally ready to entertain the idea of an alliance, Alice listens to Dao when he tells her that Christopher is a killer and she'll never catch him on her own. According to the agent, a woman named Nathalie was working with Dao to catch Christopher and he shot her in the back as she was leaving her flower shop. After hearing Dao's declaration that Christopher is "a killer and you'll never catch him on your own," Alice decides that it's time the two compare notes.

But, hold up — if Nathalie and Dao were working together to catch Christopher, why would he withhold information about her murder from his employer? Plus, as much as I hate to be in the position of defending Christopher, I just don't peg him as the murderous type. (That job is left in the capable hands of his boss, Margot, who gunned down Qasim without batting an eyelash.)

Is Alice seriously about to get conned by another person? It's anyone's guess, but right now I'm betting that Dao's connection to Christopher is way more complex than he's letting on. And, since he knows Christopher's feelings for Alice are his downfall, he's probably going to use her for his own gain. This game of cat and mouse just got a lot more complicated.

Images: John Fleenor/ABC; Giphy