The One Kylie Lip Glosses Detail To Know So You Can Maximize That Shine — PHOTOS

The matte lip trend has been huge, dwarfing mega shiny gloss, for the past year and change, largely due to pout queen Kylie Jenner. She introduced her richly pigmented, matte Kylie Lip Kits, established them as a cult product, and then launched her trio of Kylie Glosses. She even promoted her latest lip innovation with a music video-like commercial. Of course the Kylie Glosses sold out instantly, just as the Lip Kits have always done. Miraculously, I snatched up the three pack of the neutral Like, Literally, and So Cute glosses in the first few minutes of going on sale. I had successfully shopped Kylie Lip Kits and became a fan of Jenner's makeup offerings. I've spend the past day playing with the Kylie Glosses, pairing them with Kylie Lip Kit liners from previous purchases.

If you are a Kylie Jenner fan, a makeup lover, a Lip Kit devotee, or a gloss friend, you are likely wondering about the quality of the Kylie Glosses. I'm here to tell you the one critical thing you need to know and why KGs stand out from other glosses.

The Kylie Glosses are essentially shine-drenched liquid lipsticks. They are densely pigmented and the texture is thick and creamy. So you need to line 'n' shine, rather than gloss 'n' go.

The Kylie Glosses are not sheer nor do they provide a wash of shimmery color. They are like Kylie Lip Kits, in terms of their color payoff, but with tons and tons of blinding, glossy shine.

Thanks to that thick texture, my peachy nude Literally Kylie Gloss, which I applied after tracing my lips with the Dolce K Lip Kit liner, didn't budge during pre-dinner drinks and conversation.

Due to the decadent texture and color saturation, I totally recommend using Kylie Glosses with a lip pencil or things could get messy.

The liner will give you a precise, defined lip shape and will give the gloss a base to adhere to. You can use the liner simply to trace lips or you can line and then fill in the surface of lips with liner for extra staying power.

You can also smudge slightly with a finger to avoid demarcation lines. Also, make sure the liner isn't too dark or that the gloss covers the liner.

That's the golden rule with Kylie Glosses: Line 'n' shine, as opposed to gloss 'n' go. Matte lips require a precision silhouette achieved with liner, whereas gloss is more of a quick swipe product that usually doesn't require a mirror for application. That theory does not apply here.

Kylie Lip Glosses are rad for rocking that perfectly shaped and shiny mouth.

Images: Amy Sciarretto (4); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1)