Kylie Glosses Pair Well With Lip Kit Liners

Have you recovered for the mania surrounding Kylie Jenner's lip gloss launch? It certainly made April Fool's Day interesting and was no joke. While her mega matte Kylie Lip Kits are one of the biggest and best-selling makeup innovations of 2016 so far, she just sparked a trend shift with her Kylie Glosses. So, are you more of a suede-like, super matte Lip Kit girl? Or are you all about Like, Literally, and So Cute, which are blindingly shiny neutrals? My question is this: Why do you need to be one or the other? Why can't you be both?

That is... if you can beat the mad, Internet-breaking rush and actually score the KLKs or the Gs. If you are able to snag, you can go matte with the powdery pink Koko K one day and shine bright like a diamond with the warm, peachy Literally the next. But can you be both at the same time? You can mix the Lip Kit and the Lip Gloss in a cool way besides layering one over the other.

You can mix the Lip Kit liners with the Glosses! Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods, who has the much-coveted job of being the tester for new Kylie Cosmetics shades and products, showed us how.

OMG, breathtaking, right?! Woods' eyes were devoid of product but she still made a statement with her pucker. She lined her lips with Candy K liner, which is a soft, warm, and rosy nude, and topped 'em with Like, which is the darkest Kylie Gloss shade and is a warm mocha. The result is just gorgeous.

The $15 Kylie Glosses don't come packaged with an accompanying, matching lip liner, while the $29 Lip Kits do. Matte lips require a precision silhouette achieved with liner, whereas gloss is more of a "swipe and go" product that doesn't require liner or even a mirror during application... most of the time.

However, if you desire a more "lined and shined" lip look and want your lips to be a little more precise, then you can trace your kisser with one of the KLK liners, swipe on the gloss, and have a perfectly shaped and shiny mouth. I recommend using a brush or your finger to blend the liner into your lips so that you don't have severe lines of demarcation.

The team at Kylie Cosmetics even recommends mashing up both of their lip products in the Gloss product description, writing: "Wear alone, with your favorite lip pencils or layer on top of lipsticks... Also, pair with the Kylie Lip Kit for a bold, glossy look."

I miraculously managed to snag the 3-pack of Kylie Glosses two minutes after they went on sale last week. I plan to experiment and mix and match with my KLK liners and will keep you posted about the outcome.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)