Kylie Jenner Just Gave A Tour Of Her Shoe Closet

There's no denying that the Kardashian-Jenner family has some serious style. They are all constantly changing up their looks and sporting new pieces, so it only makes sense that their closets reflect it. The youngest of the bunch, who also happens to experiment with her style the most, just gave a mini shoe closet tour on Snapchat where she showed off some of her favorite styles. How many shoes does Kylie Jenner have? Let's just say she could pay for my college tuition — and maybe yours too — with a few eBay sales.

With her position as a Puma brand ambassador and the trendy Kendall + Kylie footwear she helped design, Jenner clearly knows a thing or two about the world of shoes. The 18-year-old gave a closet tour on her website a little while back, but it looks like she's added a whole lot more to her collection since then. Jenner decided to show her fans around for the second time with a spur of the moment Snapchat story. The mini social media tour started out with her choosing a purse and shoe of the day, but quickly led to a mini closet tour, showing some of her favorite heels. That, of course, included some high priced designers, like the heels she had custom made for Kim Kardashian's wedding.

Just to put the size of her closet into perspective, the average woman owns about 20 pairs of shoes, according to Huffington Post. Jenner's social media videos prove she has way, way more than that. Oh, and that's not even including her equally fabulous sneaker collection!

I don't know about you, but I'd love to walk a mile in some of Jenner's shoes. From sporty kicks to sky-high heels and everything in between, the Lip Kit creator has worn it all. Here are some of the best shoes in her collection to hold you over until her next shoe of the day snap.

1. 2013 Throwbacks

Despite her constantly changing style, she still holds on to some of her old favorites.

2. Extra Pointy Toe

These tiny little triangle shoes are way too fabulous.

3. '90s Inspired Fur

Cher Horowitz definitely had a pair of these in her shoe closet too.

4. Bright Red Pumas

Jenner sure can rock a mean sneaker.

5. Fur Boots

Because who doesn't need a good pair of furry boots?

6. Fuzzy Slip-Ons

The fur keeps on rolling with a pair of pink sandals.

7. Tons Of Thigh Highs

She even has a pair that aren't her size.

8. Off-White Boots

These neutral-colored heels were Yeezy-approved, so you know they're fabulous.

9. Kendall + Kylie Creations

The collection wouldn't be complete without some of her own designs.

10. Chunky Kicks

I have no idea how Jenner manages to look great in sneakers and heels interchangeably.

11. Custom Made Heels

Apparently her big sis customized heels for all the bridesmaids, because duh.

12. Classic Black & White

She gets bonus points for matching her style to her surroundings.

13. Sparkle For Days

Have you ever seen so much shine? I think not.

Jenner sure does have some great shoe style!

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