Will Beyonce's Ivy Park Collection Have Bathing Suits? Take A Dip In Some Of These Pieces — PHOTOS

It has been over a week since news broke of Beyonce's athleisure apparel line, yet the hype is still at an all-time high. Can't say I'm surprised, though. The music mogul's fans are amongst some of the most enthusiastic, so you know when news as big as a Queen B clothing collection drops, there are going to be a ton of questions. We already know when and where the line will be available, but what about what's actually in the collection? More specifically, I'm wondering — will Beyonce's Ivy Park line have bathing suits? If you're curious about the same thing, listen up.

The 34-year-old released a short video to go along with her campaign for the line, and it reveals all sort of things. One of them being the type of pieces included in Ivy Park. In addition to high-performance sportswear and fashion-y casual wear, it looks like Ivy Park will indeed offer swimsuits, or at least clothes waterproof enough to take a dip in.

Beyonce's Ivy Park SS16 video follows the star around while she performs some of her typical workouts as she flaunts all the different items and their athletic purposes. During one section, Beyonce is seen inside a pool, donning a black and white one-piece in one scene, and a high-neck, long sleeve getup that looks like a wet suit in another scene.

Take a look at the edgy swimwear.

This looks like a super unique fashion-y take on a typical unitard.

Loving those white side panels.

She may be wearing this onesie out of the water, but it can totally double as a chic swimsuit.

It looks like Ivy Park will offer rubber slide-ons, as well, covering all of your poolside needs.

Take a look at the full video to check out what else is in the line.

WeAreIvyPark on YouTube

The countdown to the April 14th launch date continues.

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Images: WeAreIvyPark/YouTube (5); Ivy Park (1)