Beyonce's Ivy Park Is In Stores On This Date

Beyonce announced her activewear collabo with Topshop all the way back in October 2014. We waited and we waited. Now the co-founded brand is finally upon us. Beyonce's athleisure line is called Ivy Park and it's boasts cool clothes that you will want to live in and that will seamlessly take you from the gym to the street. The collection offers leggings in different rises, crop tops, sweatshirts, and jackets designed to "empower women through sport." Ivy Park is essentially a selection of high performance sportswear with fashiony basics that are meant to be combined to create your very own custom sportswear ensemble. Aesthetically, the pieces remind me a bit of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection from two years ago. So will you be able to buy the Ivy Park collection in stores and when?

Beyonce's Ivy Park collection will indeed be sold in stores on April 14, the same date that the products will be available online. Give the unconditional love that most fans feel for Bey and the snazzy x cool look of the clothes, I am expecting Ivy Park pieces to fly off the shelves.

Since Ivy Park's in-store bow is just one week away —go ahead and do that happy dance!— I suggest you maximize this moment.

Either circle the date on your calendar or program several reminders in your iPhone. Make concrete plans to hit up a Topshop and shop Ivy Park IRL. Since Ivy Park offers technical sportswear that looks like this, you are going to want to feel the fabrics with your hands and get a tactile sense of them. Sure, seeing the pieces and shopping them online is just as a viable of an option. But will that give you all the feels, literally?

Nothing beats cruising into your local Topshop or select Nordstroms and having a little first-hand experience with the clothing. It helps ensure proper size and fit and you can creatively come up with ideas on how to style the items. Also, seeing an article of clothing IRL can be what sways you toward buying or deciding not to purchase a piece you may be firmly on the fence about.

This pic on the official Ivy Park Instagram reminds us that there is just one week until Bey fans, fashionistas, and Topshop lovers can shop the range.

Seriously, though. April 14 can't get here soon enough. Be sure and peep the stockists to make sure you can shop locally.

Images: Courtesy of Ivy Park (3); Ivy Park/Instagram (1)