Ariana Grande's Boyfriend Is Her Co-Worker

by Caitlyn Callegari

Remember when Ariana Grande was dating Big Sean? Yeah, well, she isn't anymore. Big Sean is Old News Sean to her now, thank you very much. You see, Grande is currently dating a dude by the name of Ricky Alvarez. Clearly, by the way you're stroking your chin right now and racking your brain, he's much lesser known person than the infamous "IDFWU" rapper. It's cool, though. I always find it interesting when celebs date a so-called "normal" person. Like, who the heck are they and how did they meet? What's their secret? But, more importantly in this instance, since Grande is so busy and all, what does Ricky Alvarez do? And does that factor into their relationship at all?

Well, Alvarez's profession has just about everything to do with his relationship with the singer. In fact, it's sort of sweet and rom-com-esque. Who doesn't like something chalked up to being a cliche happen in real life? I sure do. The validation is sweet.

As it turns out, Alvarez is a dancer. And, his talent has lead him to true love. Guys, it's like a real life version of Step Up, because he's not just a dancer, he's Grande's backup dancer. Imagine the heat during those rehearsals! Actually, you don't have to imagine.

You can check out the real thing. A fan compiled a series of videos from Grande's various performances where she and Alvarez danced together and their connection is so evident.

Oh, and there's that time she smooched him mid-performance.

To leave Grande out of things for a sec and give the dancer his own shine. It's no accident that he got a gig as good as the one he has touring with his girlfriend. Alvarez is riddled with talent. But don't take my word for it. You can check out his moves below. He's on the far right:

Can we expect a Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik-like music video with these two next? It doesn't seem too out of the question...