'Gilmore Girls' Revival Brings Back Kirk's Girlfriend, Lulu, Proving True Love (Probably) Never Dies

It looks like Stars Hollow's greatest love story — no, not that one, or that one, the other one — is poised to continue. Gilmore Girls News has revealed Rini Bell is bringing Lulu back for the Gilmore Girls revival. Lulu was introduced to the series as Kirk's love interest and the pair turned out to be off the charts adorable. Let's face it, Kirk is kind of an acquired taste, but the charming Lulu brought out the best in him, and their courtship led to some amazing moments, like Kirk's naked night terror that interrupted Luke and Lorelai's first kiss.

Having Lulu back means she and Kirk could be living quirkily ever after, and could even have a kid or two (or lots of dogs if Lulu has her way). There is no word yet on how many episodes Lulu will pop up in, but let's hope she and Kirk share at least one scene that showcases just how lovely they are as a couple. After all, when it comes to romance those two crazy kids were always ahead of the curve. Kirk's "perfect" date at Luke's Diner is easily one of the show's sweetest moments.

Of course, Lulu's return also continues to round out the beloved roster of Stars Hollow townies. Her character may not have had a lot to do in the series, but every citizen of Stars Hollow contributed to the show's charm. Just like the also returning Andrew and Morey, Lulu's part may be small, but her return is mighty when it comes to recreating the Stars Hollow family.

As an added bonus, Lulu had a way of keeping Kirk from going too over the top with his enthusiasm for his mom and odd jobs. Lulu and Kirk were just one of several Stars Hollow couples who were clearly perfect for each other. They may not be Luke and Lorelai, but they have their own charm, and honestly, if that rumored Gilmore Girls wedding doesn't involve any of the Gilmores, I hope it is Kirk and Lulu who will be walking down the aisle. Those two deserve to continue being adorable and weird together forever.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; oywiththepoodlesalready/Tumblr