When Is Whitney Port’s Target Activewear Coming Out? Get It Just In Time For Fall

Athleisure has hit the fashion world harder than any trend we've seen thus far — White tennis shoes are all the rage, yoga pants are totally encouraged for brunching, and mesh is really having a moment. And now, Whitney Port is designing an activewear collection for Target, meaning that this beloved trend really has trickled down to all audiences.

Who else would better fit an activewear collection than queen of the beach and wholesome lifestyle, Whitney Port? Just scroll through her Instagram feed, and you'll find countless photos of herself meditating, making yummy recipes, and adventuring by the water. When I think of cozy cool, I totally think of Port's style.

According to Yahoo Style, Port reached out to Target via phone, pitching "her label Whitney Eve as its next activewear collaborator." And boy, are we glad that she did! Evidently, Port used to dance in high school, and used that as inspiration for her new line. According to WWD, she used "ballet touches" and "soft pinks" in her collection. She told WWD, “I’m interested in fashion and health and wellness.” And it seems as if this collection ties those three perfectly.

While we don't have an exact date of her collection's release, she did say it would be around the back to school season, according to WWD. So, for those looking to up their comfort and style game for the new school year, this collection couldn't have come at a better time. Start saving your money now!

And in honor of this fabulous new collection coming up, lets take a look at some of Port's best athleisure moments, shall we?

1. Biker Chic

Ok, how adorable is this look? I love how feminine and pretty this is, while still feeling athletic and fun. Who says you can't have both? I need this varsity jacket, ASAP.

2. Tennis Match, Anyone?

And here's the goddess at a tennis match, rocking some pretty amazing sunglasses and a denim top. Though we can only see part of her look, we can be rest assured that it's entirely cool and classic.

3. Beaching It Up

What I love most about athleisure is that it brings a sporty feel to an otherwise super polished and chic look. Those athletic shorts in a flower print are everything.

4. Casual Chic

Even when she travels, this girl looks good! Love the dressed up leggings and pretty pink biker jacket.

5. Runner Girl

Don't forget to get your stretching in! Love how she took this otherwise athletic look, and made it super cute with a hat and sheer panel detailing on her leggings.


Are literally everything. The cool espadrilles complete the entire look.

7. Subtle Vibes

The athletic vibes may be subtle in this one, but they're definitely there in the mesh, vest detail, and tennis-inspired skirt. A+ for this look, Whit.

8. This Perfect Combo

Whitney was rocking Adidas originals way before most of us were.

9. Head To Toe

And here she is rocking her Whitney Eve collection head to toe.

If her photos in her own line, Whitney Eve, are any indication of what's to come out for her Target collab, count me very, very excited. Port's style is one of my favorites simply because it feels so effortless. Like hey, I just threw this on and happen to look comfortable and flawless. Plus, if I can wear sweatpants to work and get away with it, I'm 100% on board.