What The Heck Are Squareletto Nails?

Bold and funky manicures are nothing new, but one freshly unveiled look just took things to another level. Spotted on InStyle, I'm about to break down what the heck squareletto nails are, and why you should consider rocking the trend for yourself. Just be careful, as they're a little sharp and it would suck to poke your eye!

If the super pointy stiletto nail trend intimidates you, the squareletto might be the perfect alternative. Celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards for KISS products told InStyle, "They're a great shape for the workplace and transition easily into the evening ... It gives you the boldness of a stiletto, but the squared tip makes it more functional and wearable."

But just how much more wearable? The answer seems up for debate. Glamour's Katheryn Erickson tried the look and found, "They aren't the most practical, especially if you have a desk job. Responding to emails/typing took me almost twice as long as usual." That said, she admitted to totally loving how "Intagrammable" her nails were!

In case you want to try the look for yourself but are still feeling kind of nervous, remember you're in good company! Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Zendaya have all been spotted with the fun squareletto trend.

I mean, do they say #Fierce or what?

Plus, how good are these firecracker red ones?!

Or bedazzled. #SwoonCity

And, my personal favorite, chic patterned squarelettos!