11 Prom Hair Ideas For Short Hair

by Lindsey Rose Black

To all my short-haired ladies out there, you are anything but limited when it comes to changing up your hairstyle! And with a very special night not too far around the corner, I've pulled together some of the hottest prom hair ideas for short hair. Whether you love keeping things chic or want a punky edge, these short hair looks are bound to make your night memorable.

It's been six years since my prom (oh my gosh I feel so old right now), and I remember perfectly how fun it was to pick the right dress, shoes, makeup, and hairstyle. I decided to go totally DIY with my prep, which meant a deep dive into Pinterest beforehand for the easiest hair and makeup tutorials.

Since I had a bob at the time but didn't want to wear my hair down, I settled for a "mini updo" that involved a multitude of bobby pins. It ultimately wasn't hard to do and, after embracing hair spray as my best friend, I managed to lockdown the look so it stayed put no matter how many times I shook my booty to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (yes, that song had practically just come out).

Below is a pic of me and my adorable high school boyfriend so you can get an idea for the kind of hairstyle I had, and I also scouted out tons of other great short hair looks for prom. Have fun!

1. Halo Braid

A classic halo braid is so elegant and looks amazing with any dress style.

2. Fast 3 Minute Updo

This is very similar to the look I went with for prom, and it couldn't be easier!

3. Soft Curls

For a boho goddess vibe, go for soft, natural curls.

4. Volumized Glam

Go all kinds of va va voom with overnight curls!

5. Little Braids

For a simple way to add a special touch, learn how to weave in quick and lovely braids.

6. Braided Pixie

That's right! For those with ultra short hair I broke down how to braid a pixie and mix up your look.

7. Mini Twists

For gorgeous mini twists, watch this incredibly simple tutorial from My Natural Sistas.

8. Knotted Updo

If your hair is slightly longer in the back, you can create this elegant knotted updo!

9. Curled Pixie

Another simple pixie look if it's longer on top, I broke down exactly how to curl a pixie for a voluminous and edgy look.

10. Front Puff

For a glam rockstar look, go for a punky puff.

11. Faux Hawk

Of course, you can always go all out with an edgy and epic faux hawk!

Images: Author's Own(2)