The Kylie Lip Glosses & Mattes Differ In One Important Way That Has Nothing To Do With Finish — PHOTOS

Kylie Cosmetics may be new, but it’s growing rapidly and is constantly making improvements. There are more products than ever before, the website’s been redone and is running faster, even with thousands upon thousands of people logging on at once, and Kylie Jenner has even made upgrades to the products themselves. So, what are the Kylie’s Glosses applicators like? I can tell you they’re not exactly the same as with the mattes.

So, if you purchased both a matte and a gloss, you’re in for a treat. She’s made a switch from the spongy doe foot Lip Kit applicators to a brush applicator for her latest product. A brush seems like the practical choice for a gloss because it is able to glide across the lips and deliver a silky smooth application. Due to how thick the gloss formula is too, a brush seems ideal for not wasting any product. All of the excess gloss will just stick to the brush, so you can make this Jenner-approved lippie really last.

I think choosing to use a doe foot applicator for the Lip Kits and a brush for the glosses was a good move on Jenner's part. The spongy, yet firm matte wand allows you to create a well-defined line on the lip, which is just the kind of thing you need for such a bold lip look. Whereas, with the glosses, a little more slipping and a less exact application is way more acceptable and easy to clean up, if necessary.

Just look at how easily this thick formula spreads, all thanks to those bristles.

Fans are loving how easily these go on, too. Can you blame them?

The glosses don't come with a lip liner, but due to how slick they go on, it's recommended that you use a liner to hold them in place.

Kylie Jenner tells us all about how she's made the floc fluffier. Now, putting on those mattes will be an even more comfortable process.

Because a smooth, controlled application is important with these attention-getting lippies.

Jenner wouldn't have the best products on the market without making them just as effortless to apply as they are to wear now would she? I don't think so!

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Image: kyliejenner/Instagram (1)