Are The Kylie Lip Glosses Worth It? Here's The Verdict— PHOTOS

I was already a fan of Kylie Lip Kits when Kylie Jenner sprung her new Kylie Glosses on us. I had successfully shopped Kylie Lip Kits, having nabbed Candy K first and then Koko K on eventual restocks. When the Kylie Glosses went on sale, the day after she released a music video-like commercial for her latest lip innovation, I snatched up the three pack of Like, Literally, and So Cute in the first three minutes. The gloss gods (or goddesses) were so on my side. My neutral hued Kylie Glosses arrived on April 7 and I've been playing with them ever since. Are they worth the $15 price tag? Do they live up to the hype? Are they as special as the Kylie Lip Kits, which are the gold standard in highly pigmented, rich matte liquid lipsticks? Or are they just another megawatt shine-inducing lip gloss, the texture of which is readily accessible at both department stores and drugstores?

Here's the deal. Kylie Glosses are super pigmented and apply like an extra glossy liquid lipstick. They also last longer than your standard gloss. Mine stayed put during drinks and a long, pre-dinner conversation. I wiped it off before noshing because I don't like product on my lips while eating,

However, due to the thick and creamy texture and the saturated color, all of the Kylie Glosses function and look way, way better when used with a lip liner. Unlike Kylie Lip Kits, the glosses do not come packaged with an accompanying, coordinated lip pencil.

Upon receipt, I applied Literally without a liner and it looked messy. So I quickly wiped it off, traced my lips with an on-hand liner, and then reapplied the gloss. I loved the line 'n' shine result. So, yeah, the Kylie Glosses benefit from the assistance of liner, a concept that the Kylie Cosmetics team has been recommending on Instagram.

You can use a favorite lip pencil or purchase one in a similar shade to the gloss. Or you can keep it all in the family.

I recently bought the Dolce K Lip Kit and while the lipstick is a bit too dark for my taste, I love the creamy, non-tugging liner. So I repurposed it with Literally, the warm, peachy nude Kylie Gloss shade.

My lips looked and felt bigger, poutier, Kylie-r. Literally is easily my fave Kylie Gloss.

I have a small scar — I fell!— on my upper lip but I concealed it with Dolce x Literally.

I also teamed the Dolce K liner with So Cute, the warm, nude beige shade.

Here's another of me, Dolce K liner, and So Cute gloss in late night lighting! I admit I have not experimented as much with Like, the darkest Kylie Gloss shade, yet. But I will. I will also see what I can get away by cross-pollinating other Lip Kit liners with Kylie Glosses or by topping a KLK with a KG.

The liner gives you a visual guide and lets you create a more precise silhouette with your mouth. While I usually gloss 'n' go, sometimes without even using a mirror, Kylie Glosses actually require more effort than simply swiping 'em on your pout.

Even though Dolce is darker than Literally and So Cute, I was careful to apply enough gloss so that the liner was not visible. The formula is thick enough to cover the lines of demarcation. I am so not about liner that is darker than lip gloss or lipstick.

The ultimate verdict? Kylie Glosses are crazy, madly, and beautifully shiny. They require some extra care with application because of the the thick texture, but the time investment is worth the end result It's all about line 'n' shine, as opposed to gloss 'n' go.

Images: Amy Sciarretto (9); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1)