Kim Kardashian Celebrates Kanye West's 10th 'College Dropout' Anniversary With A Funny Cake

If there's one person who appreciates and loves Kanye West, it's Kim Kardashian. So on Monday, when Kanye West wrote a series of tweets acknowledging the 10th anniversary of College Dropout, he humbly and graciously thanked his fans for all their support — and Kim showed her support for his work. The reality star does know how to throw a good party, so when Kim Kardashian helped throw fiancee Kanye West a celebratory dinner for the album's anniversary, she posted a cute picture of the bash on Instagram.

Kanye and Kim are smiling and looking down at a huge cake with the same bear on it as the one on the album cover. Oh yeah, and the cake has 10 candles on it. Birthday, album, whatever — let's party. The photo's caption says, ""Ya you know what this's a celebration bitchessss" #TheCollegeDropoutDinner."

Kim also tweeted a picture of the album cover and wrote, "10 years ago today Kanye released his 1st album The College Dropout! This was a game changer! Could only imagine what you were thinking and feeling today 10 years ago! Happy anniversary to the best producer/artist over the past decade!!!! Can't wait for the next 10 years! Gonna be listening to this album all day. #TheCollegeDropout #ChangedHipHop."

Awww, Kim. So sweet. These two usually make me roll my eyes, but this is really cute and not obnoxious. I hope North West got a little piece of cake!

Images: Getty Images; KimKardashian/Instagram