Jacob Tremblay Gets A New Puppy & Nothing Cuter Has Ever Happened In Life — PHOTOS

Here are four words that will make your Friday undeniably better: Jacob Tremblay and puppy. JACOB TREMBLAY AND PUPPY. The pint-sized Room actor, 9, who was snubbed for an Oscar but instead made awards season a series of shows in which he outdid his innate sweetness and likability every time, has gotten a dog. And not just a dog — it is a tiny fluff of a pup who made her red carpet debut at WE Day in L.A., posing for photos with celebs like Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, and even happily curling up in his owner's arms as photographers flashed their bright lights. If there is a threshold for "maximum amount of cute things that are allowed to happen in the world," we have reached it. This is me, being done. IT IS JUST TOO SWEET.

While the world has somehow managed to not collapse despite the weight of all things adorable happening here, I'm considering it a miracle. Because as the Internet knows, the only way to make something even more jaw-droppingly sweet is to add something soft and cuddly to it. Boy bands and dogs, cafes with cats, Jacob Tremblay and puppy — you get the gist.

Tremblay shared the whole story of adopting the pup with People, telling the magazine his family's entire thought process behind the decision. (I cannot. Bye me.)

"I wanted to have a dog, my sister wanted to have a dog, my other sister wanted to have a dog, my mom wanted to have a dog," he explained. But my dad thought it was going to be too much of a hassle. Then he started to look into it more and he thought, 'Yeah, we can do this.' So we got a dog."

While they're still deciding on a name, the Tremblay family knew that this little lady was the perfect one for them.

"We all picked the right one," he said. "We noticed that the poodle one didn't shed, is hypo [allergenic], it had all of that good stuff, and plus it was cute! Plus, it was cuddly! This one is perfect, because it's quiet, so you can bring it on set. It's not one of those loud dogs that go 'Woof! Woof! Woof!' She is just the one that whimpers. We haven't heard her bark once, and she only whimpers like twice a week."

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Has anything cuter ever happened in life, ever? No, no it has not. His speech after he won the Critics' Choice Award for Best Young Actor might have been a close second (you know, the one where he reveals he's going to put the award on his shelf next to his Millennium Falcon), but the puppy just puts this over the edge.

Jacob Tremblay and puppy for the win.