His Last Complete Film's Teaser is Disturbing

We knew that Paul Walker's upcoming posthumously-released film, Brick Mansions , is set to hit theaters on April 15. We knew that it was a remake of a French action film. We knew that it was directed by Luc Besson and co-stars David Belle. And we also knew that the film was described as undercover police offer trying to "take down a ruthless crime lord with access to a neutron bomb by infiltrating his gang." But what we didn't know is how disturbing and unsettling the Brick Mansions teaser clip, which was released on Tuesday, would be. From the description, one might deduce that there would be guns and action sequences — but definitely not high-speed car chases.

In the trailer, Walker, who plays the cop, is seen leaping across buildings, going on high-speed car chases in a Mustang, and violently and dangerously drag-racing across streets. The images of Walker behind the wheel is sad, shocking, and unsettling, and I'm not really sure who thought that this type of teaser was acceptable. Even if the film isn't full of car chases, why did they include so many in the clip? And if it is full of car chases, theaters may have a hard time filling seats.

Yes, the film was already complete when Walker was tragically killed in a car accident. And clearly, the studio didn't want to shelve the film. But his death is still so recent and fresh in the minds of his grieving family and friends that this teaser doesn't do any justice to his memory or legacy.

At least with the Fast and the Furious franchise, Walker was best friends with his co-stars and considered them family. They'll do his character justice and honor him in the seventh film in a tasteful and appropriate way, unlike the Brick Mansions teaser.

You can watch it below:

Image: Getty Images