Can Strand Be Trusted On 'Fear The Walking Dead'? His Passengers Are Beginning To Grow Suspicious

The decision to set Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead on the ocean Can Strand be trusted on Fear The Walking Dead ? The wealthy benefactor and captain of the new survivors seems almost too ready to deal with the zombie apocalypse.

That's the concern that Daniel Salazar has in the Season 2 premiere. Just like Tobias on Fear The Walking Dead and Charlie from Flight 462, Strand seems to understand the situation better than most. Plus, he was already armed, and isn't spilling any personal details that might help his passengers trust him. Daniel's watching him, and Madison seems concerned as well.

But like, here's the thing. Is Strand as crazy as Daryl? Michonne? Carol? Carl? Not even close. I don't think we have anything to fear from Strand just because he is intelligent and prepared to survive. He has an unknown past — so what? Everything that Strand has done so far, from his initial plan to escape on Abigail The Yacht to his refusal to trust any more survivors is probably the right thing to do. He's not exactly empathetic, but fans of The Walking Dead know that that can sometimes be a strength.

I'm more interested in whether he considers himself the leader of this group of survivors. While Rick Grimes took charge pretty quickly on The Walking Dead, there isn't an obvious leader in this group just yet. It's his boat, as he hilariously repeated, so Strand controls where the group goes, but that's just one aspect of leadership. I think Travis knows that he's not ready to lead the group, so the two strongest candidates behind Strand are Madison and Daniel. Personally, I would hope that they get to know and trust Strand rather than trying to overthrow him, but we'll see.

Image: Richard Foreman/AMC