Is Finn Really Dead On 'The Originals'?

After a brief and uncomfortable reunion with his brothers Klaus, Elijah and Kol, Finn died on The Originals after Lucien bit him while he and Elijah were saving Freya and Vincent. Finn, the one Original vampire who never wanted to be a vampire, ended up being just as mortal as he dreamed of, and was killed by Lucien in "Behind the Black Horizon." Though we saw Finn's body dry up and his siblings throwing his ashes into the river, Original vampires tend to come back to life no matter how dead they seem. So, is Finn really dead on The Originals ? And, if he is, what does that mean for Klaus and Elijah?

For now, it seems like Finn is pretty dead. The fact that Elijah, Klaus, Kol and Freya were throwing ashes off a bridge at the end of the episode suggests that they did, in fact, burn Finn's body. That said, we've seen Original vampires come back in other people's bodies, and Finn is a powerful witch, so, who knows. Whether or not Finn returns sometime in the future, the Mikaelsons are now forced to confront their own mortality because Finn didn't die from the last white oak bullet. No, he died because Lucien gave him a werewolf bite Klaus' blood couldn't cure.

It turns out that Lucien made a deal with the Ancestors and was able to use Freya's blood, the white oak bullet and Vincent's magic to turn himself into some sort of super hybrid — stronger and faster than an Original vampire, with a bite more deadly than that of Klaus. What he is exactly, we don't know, but, thanks to some investigative work by Hayley and Klaus, we do know that Lucien has developed a new deadly strain of werewolf venom made from werewolves from all different packs.

Whatever Lucien is, Finn's death proves that he can kill an Original. And he's got his sights set on Klaus and Elijah.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; rhaelias/tumblr