Elijah Gets The White Oak On 'The Originals'

When we last saw the Mikaelsons on The Originals , Vincent had just found the last white oak bullet, hidden by Aurora before her demise. Unfortunately, Vincent didn't keep his hands on the bullet for long in "Alone with Everybody." He had barely put the bullet in his pocket when he was attacked by a mysterious blonde woman and a herd of vampires. With the bullet now in a stranger's possession, Vincent teamed up with Marcel and Joshua to get it back, while Elijah, Kol, Finn and Freya were stuck waiting in the Mikaelson compound. Eventually, Elijah got the last white oak bullet on The Originals , forcing him to face his own immortality.

With Klaus' enemies on the hunt for the white oak bullet and the Strix fearing for their lives, Elijah is under strict orders not to leave the house. As long as the Strix know there's a weapon out there than can kill him, he's not going anywhere. So, instead of helping Marcel and Joshua, Elijah was stuck dealing with his newly revived brothers Finn and Kol, who could barely keep from punching each other. Kol is still mad at Finn for killing him and wants revenge. When Kol expresses his anger to Davina, she promises him that Finn will pay for what he's done. Meanwhile, Finn offers Elijah a deal: Elijah helps him inhabit a witch's body, and he'll leave them and never come back.

Before Elijah, Kol and Finn could come to an understanding, Davina used her magic to put a curse on Finn. She made it impossible for him to ever switch bodies — he'll be stuck a vampire forever. (Oh, the crazy things a girl will do for love.) So, when Elijah finally gets his hands on the white oak bullet and moves to throw it into the fire, Finn stops him. Finn doesn't want to spend an eternity as a vampire, and he's not quite sure Elijah does either. Forever is a long time, he says, and Elijah might come to a point in his life where he no longer wants to live.

In the end, Lucien, who came over under the guise of flirting with Freya, suggests that they give the bullet to Freya. She has the magical skills to hide herself and the bullet under layers of impenetrable magic, and this way Elijah won't have to worry about Finn killing him, and both will have a way out if and when they want to go.

It all would have worked out great, if only Freya had actually made it out of town before being abducted by none other than Lucien Castle. And, just like that, Lucien got the last white oak bullet.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; elijah-daily/tumblr