Are More Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Colors Coming Out ? Time Get Excited, Lipstick Lovers

Kylie Cosmetics might be expanding, but that doesn't mean Kylie Jenner has forgotten about her very first product. Even though the Glosses are a complete hit, people are still just as obsessed with the Lip Kits as they were in the beginning. After all, some people still haven't gotten their hands on one yet. Will there be more matte Lip Kit colors? It's time to get excited, because new shades are on the way.

With all the talk about the Kylie Cosmetics Glosses, I was afraid that the Lip Kits would be left in the dust. Thankfully, Jenner knows a good thing when she sees it, and has decided to keep growing her liquid lip family. According to a Snapchat Q&A she did recently, Jenner has created brand new Lip Kit colors that she's going to launch pretty soon, which is pretty exciting news if you ask me.

The 18-year-old has pretty much all the basic colors down, so there's no telling what shade she's coming out with next. Right now the Lip Kit family consists of a brown, orange, red, purple, and a bunch of nudes. There's plenty of room for some bright colors for summer, but then again, nudes are her specialty.

Although she didn't say anything on her social media about which color she'd be putting out next, she did mention that Candy K was her favorite. She's also been wearing a lot of nudes on her lips lately, so maybe she'll be stocking up another subtle spring color. Or maybe she'll finally release a new shade named after Kim Kardashian, since Khloe and Kourtney already have colors named after them?

One thing is for sure though, she's taking her company very seriously. She's constantly improving the formula and packaging of her products to make them the best they can be. Jenner has changed the applicator and scent of her Lip Kits already and, after just one launch, has already improved her glosses as well.

Whatever she decides to launch next, there's no doubt in my mind hat it'll be an instant hit!

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