What Is Kylie Jenner's Favorite Kylie Gloss Shade? Her Number One Pick Might Surprise You — PHOTOS

There might only be three Kylie Cosmetics Glosses out right now, but Jenner already has her favorite. In a recent Snapchat Q&A, Jenner said her favorite gloss is Literally, which is pretty surprising considering she wears So Cute a lot more. She was a little hesitant though, so it's possible she's actually a bit on the fence about which shade reigns supreme. They're all pretty similar, so Literally could be her fave by a small margin.

When Jenner's three Glosses first came out, she seemed to rock So Cute all the time. The Lip Kit creator even wore the lightest shade in the Glosses music video that she created for the launch. But now as time goes on, it looks like Jenner has a new favorite. Literally is the middle shade of the collection, making it the most neutral of all of them. Considering Candy K is Jenner's favorite Lip Kit color, the most neutral of all the liquid lipsticks, it makes sense why she'd also like Literally. The two shades would probably look great layered as well.

She hasn't sported the shade herself too many times, but the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram shows how many people love the color. It was even the shade that her own makeup artist, Hrush Achemyan, went for first. Maybe we'll see Jenner sporting the shade a bit more now that she declared it as her favorite.

The middle of the road gloss also seems to be social media's favorite hue as well. Twitter went crazy when news of the lip glosses arrived, and a lot of the hype was about Literally. Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Hill, also thinks it's the best shade, according to the Snapchat Q&A. Another member of her friend squad, Stassie Karanikolaou, even combined the two favorites to make for the ultimate power shade.

Although it wasn't the first gloss shade to sell out in the launch, it did go pretty darn fast. Jenner announced on her Snapchat that So Cute was the first to go, followed by Jenner's favored shade, until finally they were all gone in just under a half an hour. That's about just as fast as it takes her Lip Kits to go flying off the shelves as well.

I can't wait to see Jenner start rocking all her gloss shades more!

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