The 13 Best Kylie Lip Kit Memes

by Augusta Statz

Whether you’re celebrating because you managed to score a Lip Kit or you're lamenting the fact you haven’t nabbed one yet, you’ve likely been vocal about your feelings on social media. There are some absolutely hilarious Kylie’s Lip Kit memes out there that describe how basically all of us feel about these amazing, hard to get your hands on lipsticks. These tweets are all too accurate, and are sure to make your day.

You’ll relate to more than one of these hilarious tweets because, like it or not, Kylie Jenner has made quite the impression with these lippies. There’s virtually (pun definitely intended) no escaping talking about how much people love wearing them. Gifs and photos are great ways of expressing your emotions online, and these fifteen people have found a way to perfectly sum up how so many different segments of the population feel about these products.

Whether the sight of yet another Kylie Lip Kit or gloss swatch fills you with joy or causes you to roll your eyes, there’s a reaction tweet for you here. So, come one and come all, and join in on the conversation, even if it’s only as the voyeur. Because the Internet’s not done talking about these lippies, yet!

1. Chaos

Even if you haven't tried to shop these lippies before, I'm sure you've been able to gather from the Twitter frenzy that trying to add a Lip Kit or Gloss to your cart is pure chaos.

2. Swoon-Worthy

And if you manage to successfully shop these lippies, it feels a little something like this.

3. Eye Roll

But, this gif perfectly describes how those who don't get one feel.

4. Bravo

It's hard to be happy when you aren't one of the lucky ones.

5. Shopping In Multiples

It's especially hard when you know some people racked up on multiple shades. But, how could you be mad at these cuties?

6. Waiting

They sell out so fast, and then everyone's just left waiting until the next restock.

7. Speed Is Key

If you want to scoop up one of these shades, you've got to be fast!

8. Product Shots

You can't help but post about it when your Kylie Cosmetics box comes in.

9. Posing

Because why would you ever stop posing in your Jenner gear?

10. Lips Like Kylie

You're just after the perfect pout.

11. Addicted

Once those lip products arrive in the mail, you won't be able to stop putting them on.

12. You've Got Mail

You'll never been so excited to check your mail box.

13. Your BFF

These mattes and glosses will become just like your BFFs. You won't let them leave your side.

Love them or hate them, you're going to be reading about these lippies online for a long time to come. That's just to be expected when someone as big as Jenner is selling lipsticks and glosses that are this good, you know?

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