Swatches Of Kylie Cosmetics Matte & Gloss Lippies

Now that there's a whole new Kylie Cosmetics products to love, it can be hard to keep a handle on all the shades. From nudes to darks and everything in between, Kylie Jenner has created just about everything you could possibly need in your collection. So before she comes out with something new, let's take the time to run down swatches of every Kylie Lip Kit and Gloss on the market right now, so you can sort out your plan of attack.

In just four shorts months, Jenner has created eight matte Lip Kits and three glosses that keep flying off the virtual shelves with every single restock. I'm convinced that there will never come a time that she can keep these pretty little lip products completely stocked. Whether you're interested in the gorgeous colors or the long-wearing formula, you can't deny that the 18-year-old has created something beautiful.

Since you won't have much time to compare shades while trying to actually buy one of those glossy or matte lipsticks, you'll need to do some planing beforehand. More and more Kylie Cosmetics launches keep on rolling, and you won't want to miss a chance to snag your favorites. Check out swatches of the 11 fabulous Kylie Cosmetics colors below, so you can get a good idea of which ones you need in your life. Because there's nothing worse than being indecisive when you've only got a few minutes to grab the one you want!

1. "Like" Gloss

Like Gloss, $15,

The first of three neutral glosses, this wet, shiny lip color is the darkest of all the shades. It doesn't seem to be the most popular on social media, but it still looks pretty darn gorgeous.

This color is a little bit bolder than your average gloss.

It also pairs beautifully with the already existing Candy K liner.

2. Literally Gloss

Literally Gloss, $15,

This is by far the most popular shade of gloss so far. The hue is the middle shade of the three and looks gorgeous on tons of different skin tones.

Just the right amount of color and shine, this is exactly what comes to mind when you think of a gloss.

Literally also pairs well with the Candy K liner for a more full and polished lip.

3. So Cute

So Cute Gloss, $15,

The light pink gloss is the last and lightest shade. It was the color that Jenner was wearing throughout the entire Glosses video.

It's not quite bubble gum pink, but has a much lighter color than the other glosses.

4. Kourt K

Kourt K Lip Kit, $30,

Named after her big sister, this is the newest Lip Kit. It's much darker than the previous colors.

Even though it's a little dark, the purple color shines through and makes this perfect for a bold spring lip.

5. Candy K

Candy K Lip Kit, $30,

This neutral was part of the original release and still seems to be pretty popular on social media.

If you're looking for something subtle that packs a punch, this is the one for you.

6. Dolce K

Dolce K Lip Kit, $30,

Dolce K is so versatile that you could easily wear it throughout all the seasons.

How fabulous does it look with brown shadow?!

7. Koko K

Koko K Lip Kit, $30,

As you could probably already guess, this was another shade named after one of her sisters. It was first released in the Valentine's Day Lip Kit collection and has continued to be restocked.

The bright pink is perfect for spring. I'm willing to bet it would look gorgeous with the So Cute gloss on top too.

8. Posie K

Posie K Lip Kit, $30,

This was also one that came out for Valentine's Day, but the color is perfect for all year round.

This a great shade for a subtle yet bold statement lip for spring.

9. Mary Jo K

Mary Jo K Lip Kit, $30,

The true red shade was named after her grandma. It looks great on all different types of skin tones.

This red is almost too gorgeous for words.

10. 22

22 Lip Kit, $30,

This one threw all her followers for a loop. Not only was it the first bright shade that Jenner came out with, but the name doesn't fit the pattern.

Who knew an orange color would fit into the collection so fabulously?

11. True Brown K

True Brown Lip Kit, $30,

The name really does say it all. This was one of the originals as well, and still seems to be pretty darn popular.

Since a brown lip is one of Jenner's signatures, it only makes sense that a chocolate shade would show up in the collection.

Whether you're shopping for just one or all 11, there's absolutely no wrong choice with these gorgeous shades.

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Images: Kylie Cosmetics (11)