9 Sister Memes For National Sibling Day

I never actually remember National Sibling Day is coming up until the day of, when I hop on Instagram and scroll through endless goofy throwback photos of friends with their brothers and sisters. Of course, I'm all about sharing funny pics of my two younger sisters too, but this year I figured a few sister memes for National Sibling Day seemed appropriate, if not completely necessary. Because while everyone has a different relationship with their sisters, there are a few common tropes of sisterhood that most people can relate to — and they are usually hilarious.

As the oldest of three girls in my family, I personally have a hard time realizing that my younger sisters aren't 12 years old anymore. In my mind, they will always be the weirdo kids my parents made me drag along with me whenever I went to hang out with my friends, because they didn't want them to feel left out. Now, they're two amazing, gorgeous, successful adult humans, and I'm usually the one clinging to them for guidance. That's the funny thing about sisterhood — your relationship inevitably changes, but your bond never does. Whether you're fighting over items that mysteriously went missing from your closet (ahem, Samantha, I know you still have my sweater), venting about your crazy grownup lives, or just laughing hysterically over nothing, sisters get to experience your full range of emotions. Celebrate your sisters with these National Sibling Day memes.

Actually, my sisters' birthdays are the only ones I can remember without Facebook.

Real life imagery of me, sobbing, every time my youngest sister comes to visit.

If there is anything we can learn from our siblings, it's how to be as irritating as humanly possible.

Don't you forget it.

Honestly, I'll never get over this.

I don't even know who you are.


I love you but also, stop.

Don't let those adorable eyes fool you — it's the youngest ones you have to look out for.

Happy National Sibling Day, y'all!

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