Who's In That Giant MTV Awards Mask?!

If you had never seen the music video for Mike Posner's "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" and then saw a standard-sized man with a giant-sized paper mache mask at the MTV Movie Awards, you might be a tad confused. People wear some downright whacky stuff for the red carpets of awards shows, but masks that hide your entire face aren't exactly the norm. Yet at the MTV Movie Awards, the person wearing the giant mask was none other than Posner, although many people might not have realized that off the bat.

At Saturday night's pre-filmed show, the singer proved that he loves nothing better than a strange, creative getup. Fans are sure to question why Posner went with this style choice for the awards, and the answer to that comes down to his hit single and the music video for the song, "I Took A Pill In Ibiza". The song is a bouncy EDM remix with the Swedish production duo, Seeb, but the lyrics have a very dark meaning. According to Posner's own interpretation of his lyrics on Genius.com, the song is about "The sort of mystique of fame that we all sort of grow up with a lust for — I no longer possess it, having worked in this industry and having had some of that myself." In other words, the life he has is not one to aspire to, and, considering how people often wear masks (maybe not literal ones, but at least metaphorically) to hide their true selves, Posner's red carpet outfit makes a lot of sense.

The song speaks about the endless cycle of fame and the negative consequences it can have. Whether Posner's mask is simply about representing his hit single in a creative way, or if it's a more serious statement about not being true to himself, is unclear — whatever the answer is, only the singer knows. But it certainly made quite an impression on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet.