20 Mother's Day Tech Gifts For 2016 That Even The Busiest Moms Will Love

Mother's Day is approaching faster than you think, and it's time to start preparing. Sick of cliched gifts like spa gift certificates and flowers? These Mother's Day tech gifts are fun, unique, and actually serve a purpose. They'll help even the busiest moms out there by keeping their lives organized, plus they look aesthetically pleasing, which is always a major bonus. This holiday is about showing your mom the love and appreciation she deserves to feel every day of the year — it's about making her feel special. And while you should of course do that by actually, you know, hanging out with her, a present never hurts.

Maybe you're sitting there reading this, thinking, "My mom can't even turn on her computer without asking for my help. Why would she want a tech gift?" While these are all very cool, they're also very user-friendly, even for tech beginners. And hey, you can always make the tutorial session you might have to have part of the gift — it makes you look like such a thoughtful daughter (you're welcome). If you'd rather give your mom something practical and awesome this year instead of something she'll use just once, read on. Here are 20 tech gifts for busy moms that are so cool, you'll want to keep them for yourself.

1. A Handbag Light

Who else has spent a decent amount of time searching through their handbag for something they know is in there, but they can't find it because it's so dark? It's a common problem for women who prefer to carry large handbags. If your mom is one of those women, get her this handbag illuminator. It's small but insanely clever, and will come in handy too many times to count.

Automatic Handbag Illuminator, $29.95, Uncommon Goods

2. A Portable Charger

If your mom's phone is dead literally every time you try to text her, then a portable charger is a gift for both of you. These little guys always make a great gift, especially if you don't know what to get someone. This slim portable charger can fit anywhere, and the "I will survive" quote on front is perfect for the busy mom on the go.

I Will Survive Slim Portable Charger, $24, Urban Outfitters

3. A Tech Bag

If your mom juggles multiple tech items at a time, she'll definitely appreciate an organizer like this one. It has space for chargers, earbuds, and small accessories, with zippered pouches so things don't fall out. The front pocket is large enough for a tablet or e-reader. This can be slipped inside a larger handbag to keep everything organized, or in a suitcase when traveling.

Pursen Go Tech Bag, $59, Shoptiques

4. An Electronic Writing Tablet

A Boogie Board is the perfect gift option for the mom who is constantly making lists or writing out notes. There are so many reasons why it's better than a regular notepad: it's super thin and can fit anywhere, it can be erased with the push of one button, and it's better for the environment. This one even has a stylus holder so she never loses it.

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet with Stylus Holder, $39.99, Brookstone

5. An iPhone Dock

A sleek iPhone dock makes a useful gift for the super chic, super organized mom. This Native Union dock has a simple, elegant look to it that makes charging your phone slightly more exciting. Your mom can put her phone on the dock and use it as a charging station wherever she wants.

Native Union DOCK Lightning, $49.99, Native Union

6. A Kitchen Tablet Holder

This is the most useful gift for your mom if she loves to cook. This kitchen utensil holder doubles as a tablet holder. It's a great space-saver for the kitchen counter, and keeps your mom's tablet safe and in easy reach when she's making a recipe from online — or even if she just wants to watch a movie while she's in the kitchen.

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder, $60, Uncommon Goods

7. The Amazon Echo

If you're looking to drop some serious coin on mom this Mother's Day, consider the Amazon Echo. The Echo works as a portable Bluetooth speaker, but even cooler, it's basically like a giant Siri. It answers questions with hands-free voice control, can read audiobooks, give the weather and traffic report, and recognize your voice. On top of all of that, it also can control lights, switches, and thermostats with compatible devices. There's more that this little guy can do, and your mom will definitely appreciate it.

Amazon Echo, $179.99, Amazon

8. A Plant Monitor

Most people buy their mom flowers or seeds for Mother's Day — go one step further and get her this Flower Power. This little sensor goes into a planter or in the ground, then monitors and analyzes the plants around it. It connects to your phone with the corresponding app, which will send you notifications when the plants need attention and love. This is an ideal gift for moms who are big on gardening, or moms who cannot keep a plant alive to save her life.

Parrot Flower Poer, $59.99, Parrot

9. A Cool phone Case

If your mom is constantly losing her credit cards and money, or just doesn't like to carry around a big bag, this little phone case makes an excellent gift. It has a hinged back part, which opens to reveal a pocket that holds the essentials: a few cards and maybe a few dollars.

EYN Case for iPhone, $19.99, Brookstone

10. A Wireless Printer

I don't know about you guys, but my mom is constantly begging me to print out photos for her. If you're in the same boat, get your mom an easy-to-use wireless printer like this one. It can be set up with any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, and it's small enough to fit anywhere and be convenient. Now she can print out her own photos whenever she wants!

Epson Expression Home XP-420 Small-in-One All-in-One Printer, $49.99, Epson

11. A Tech Organizer

This small case can hold an iPhone 6, and keeps the charging cord and earbuds neat so they don't jumble together in a giant knot. It doubles as a cleaning cloth so your mom can keep her phone from looking streaky. You can also get it monogrammed so that it's more personal. This can easily slip in your mom's handbag and keep her tech essentials right where she needs them.

Ready2Go Leather Tech Organizer, $29.99, Personal Creations

12. A Digital Measuring Cup

This tech-friendly kitchen essential is perfect for the mom who spends a lot of time cooking or baking. The easy-to-read digital screen on the handle makes it easier than ever to do exact measurements. It also acts as a tiny food scale. It's the kitchen item she never knew she needed!

Taylor Precision Products Digital Measuring Cup and Scale, $21.11, Amazon

13. A Smartplug

Give your mom the gift of a smart house with this little Zuli Smartplug. It basically ensures that she will never have to get up, ever again. OK, not true, but it is extremely helpful for the tech-happy mom who wants easier control over everything in her house. The Zuli plugs in, then connects to her phone via the app. She can set it up so that every time she walks into a room, the Zuli senses her presence and adapts to her lighting and temperature preferences. She can use the app to dim lights even if they don't have a dimmer. She can use the app to turn on lights or the tea kettle without getting up to actually do it. She can create schedules for lighting and appliances. Honestly, the possibilities are almost endless.

Zuli Smart Plug Presence 3-Pack, $159.99, Zuli

14. A USB Hub

Maybe you're sitting there thinking, "Uh, I'm broke AF and I want to get my mom something small and inexpensive that is also cool and helpful to her life." OK, I get it. If that's the case, check out this Satechi USB hub. It's ideal for the mom who works on the computer a lot and needs some extra space. This turns one USB plug into three, and it's sleek and nice to look at — and easy to carry around.

Satechi Type-C USB Hub, $34.99, Satechi

15. Trackers

If you have a mom who loses literally everything, then do her (and yourself) a favor and buy her some trackers. These little guys can attach to keys, a phone, sunglasses... whatever it is she loses the most. They sync with an app on her phone so that she can find the items with a beeping system when they go missing. She can even sign up for notifications when the item gets too far from the phone.

XY Find It Beacons 3-Pack, $59.99, Brookstone

16. A Google Chromecast Audio

It's almost impossible to buy speakers that aren't Bluetooth-compatible nowadays, but maybe your parents are like my parents and still have an older stereo system they like and don't want to replace. If that's the case, make it work for 2016 with a Google Chromecast Audio. This allows your mom to stream her music from her cell phone to any speaker without Bluetooth. It couldn't be easier to use, either.

Google Chromecast Audio, $35, Google

17. A Notification Light

Want to get your mom something fun? This Witti Dotti notification light acts as home decor and helps her check her messages even if her phone isn't right by her side. Personally, I know that my mom is constantly leaving her phone in other rooms when she goes into her bedroom, so she doesn't see any texts or emails. This light syncs with her phone and will light up when she gets a message, so it's basically impossible to miss anything.

Witti Dotti Notification Light, $59.99, Fab.com

18. A Smart Crock-Pot

Just when you thought a Crock-Pot couldn't get any easier, this happened. This "smart" Crock-Pot can be controlled with an app on her phone. She can use the app to decrease or increase cooking time and heat settings from wherever she is, even if it isn't near the Crock-Pot. This fancy piece of equipment might not be necessary, but it sure is awesome.

Crock-Pot Smart WIFI-Enabled WeMo 6-Quart Slow Cooker, $116.99, Amazon

19. A Stylish Tech Bag

This handbag is a huge splurge, but if you're looking to get your mom something on the pricey side, it's worth the money. Everpurse and Kate Spade collaborated to create this simple yet chic tech bag. It holds a laptop and has separate pockets for smaller tech items, but the coolest thing about it is the pocket that charges an iPhone. This bag is perfect for the mom who carries a briefcase to work.

Everpurse x Kate Spade New York Frieda, $698, Kate Spade

20. A USB Tassel

I realize that "USB tassel" does not sound super exciting, but hear me out. This little purse accessory makes for an ideal small gift for your mom if you don't want to go too big this Mother's Day. It looks cute and holds a little USB charger so that it's always by her side.

MIXIT Lightning to USB Leather Tassel, $34.99, Belkin

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