20 Tech Gifts For Mother's Day That Every Super Connected Mom Will Love

It's that time of year again — only a few weeks until Mother's Day, that special day out of the year when we should show our mom all of the love and appreciation we have for everything she's done for us. Have you figured out what Mother's Day gifts you're going to get to treat your favorite lady with? Remember, she sat through nine months of pregnancy and who knows how many hours of labor just to make sure you made it into this world. I'd say that deserves a fancy gift, wouldn't you?

Of course, the best thing you can do for Mother's Day is spend time with your mom, enjoying a glass of wine or a Bloody Mary over a meal you cooked or paid for, ignoring her possible nagging for once, and focusing on the good stuff. But let's be honest, a great gift doesn't hurt either. Instead of going for generic flowers or a boring gift card, give your mom a fun gadget that will make her feel totally tech-savvy, even if she's not. One of these 20 options are guaranteed to work for your mom. Happy shopping!

A Small Portable Charger

Portable chargers are great… until you lose them, or you have to charge it and lose the charger. This one is super handy because it’s a keychain, and it can plug into any USB to charge — there is no separate charger. Plus, it’s stylish. It’s a total win-win.

The Tassel Charging Cable Keychain, $59.99, PhotoJoJo

An iPad Wall Mount

For the moms who rely on their tablet in the kitchen for recipes or entertainment, this wall mount is a gift dream come true. She can put it wherever she wants for easy access to use the tablet while cooking — without worrying about spilling anything on it.

UhGoods Adjustable Kitchen Wall Mount Stand $19.97, Amazon

A UV Tracker

This is a really smart gift for your sun-worshipping mom, and you couldn’t buy it for her at a better time. This bracelet not only looks really cool — it also tracks UV exposure. It advises appropriate SPF levels based on your skin tone, and keeps you updated on how to keep your skin healthy. It’s pricey, but try chipping in for it with your siblings.

June Bracelet, $99.99,

A Sporty Armband

If your mom is into exercise, give her the perfect accessory for working out in warmer weather: an armband to hold her phone. This one looks cool and is super helpful, making it easy for your mom to walk or run outside (or at the gym) while keeping her phone close.

Sport Armband $18, Free People

Electronic Wipes

The worst thing about electronics is when they get smudged and messy and gross. Help your mom keep hers clean and perfect with these wipes. Bonus: the packaging is gorgeous.

Well-Kept The Britt Wipes $32.94 for a pack of six,

A Charging Purse

If your mom is anything like my mom, her phone is constantly dying because she always forgets to charge it. You could get her a portable charger, or you could get her a cute purse that doubles as a portable charger. Which sounds better? That’s what I thought. You can’t go wrong with two gifts in one!

The Mighty Purse, $136.69, Firebox

A Portable Speaker

This tiny speaker is easy to carry around, has some fun flair to it, and works on Bluetooth technology for up to seven hours. It makes for a really cute little gift your mom will love.

Kate Spade New York Le Pavillion Bluetooth Speaker, $60, Nordstrom

A Fitbit Necklace

If you’re up for spending a lot of money this Mother’s Day, this makes a really awesome gift. It’s a Fitbit, but instead of being the standard clunky bracelet, it’s a cool, chic necklace. You’ll want one for yourself.

Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Pendant Necklace, $175, Tory Burch


Earbuds made just for women may sound silly, but I promise they’re not. They’re actually amazing. I have these earbuds and they’re super, super comfortable, and give great sound. They also come with a handy (and cute) pouch that keeps them from getting tangled up in everything else in your bag.

Skullcandy Dime Earbuds, $29.99, Skullcandy

A Mini Tripod

This little tripod makes it so much easier for your mom to take group photos, which is something she’ll love if she’s into photography. Plus, you can borrow this for the best #ootd Instagram selfies.

U Snap Bluetooth Tripod, $24, Free People

Rechargeable iPad Case

When you’re constantly using your iPad on the go, charging it gets annoying, fast. Fix that problem for your mom with a case that not only protects the tablet, but also charges it wherever she is. The only thing she’ll have to worry about is charging the case!

Innovative Technology Justin Rechargeable Power iPad Case, $39.99, Kohl’s

A Tiny Tracker

Is your mom constantly losing something (or everything)? This gift may be the answer to her problems. This small devices attaches onto something (like keys or a bag, or even your pet’s collar), and is controlled by an app. When you lose something, you can track it with the app to find it. It’s pretty genius.

The TrackR, $29,

A Bluetooth Keyboard

This gift is perfect for the mom who’s obsessed with her tablet. This portable keyboard is ridiculously light, easy to carry around, and even easier to use. It’s durable and works great. I have one and am obsessed with it, so I highly recommend this. It’s a little pricey, but it’s something your mom will appreciate if she can’t be away from her tablet.

Logitech Keys-To-Go, $69.99, Logitech

A Laptop Case

If your mom carries her laptop around with her, she probably needs a good laptop case. Who says it can’t be a cute designer one? This bag is simple but stylish, it’s not flashy, and it will go with anything — and obviously keep her computer safe.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Crosby Laptop Case, $128, Nordstrom

A Car Mount

Make it safer for your mom to drive and use her phone GPS with this car mount. It clips into the vents and allows your mom to look at her phone easily and safely.

Airframe Portable Car Mount, $24.99,

A Coffee/Tea Maker

This little guy ensures that your mom will have the freshest cup of coffee or tea in the morning or night. It makes one cup of coffee or tea using fresh coffee beans or tea leaves, and even includes a portable travel mug.

Bean & Leaves Coffee or Tea Maker, $39.99, Brookstone

A Handbag/Laptop Case

This year, get your mom a beautiful handbag that doubles as a laptop bag. This tote will keep her laptop safe, but it doesn’t look boring or too corporate. And she doesn’t even have to use it to hold her laptop!

Anne Klein Madrid Tote Bag, $49.99, Amazon

A Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle

One of the most refreshing things you can drink in the spring or summer is water flavored with fruit like lemon or berries. This portable water mug infuses your water with fresh fruit. It requires almost zero work, too, which is great.

Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker, $25.99, Brookstone

iPhone Alarm Clock

If your mom uses her iPhone as her alarm clock, give her an accessory that will add to her room and transform her phone into a desk-side clock. The classic wood style is simple, and this ensures your mom will get to work on time.

iPhone Alarm Dock, $39.99, Uncommon Goods

A Bluetooth Speaker

This portable speaker uses Bluetooth technology to give up to 12 hours of music. It’s exactly what your mom needs when she wants to bring music along with her wherever she goes.

Lyrix PowerBall Bluetooth Speaker, $49.99, Brookstone