11 Things Every 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Is Sick Of Hearing

It's not like it isn't hard enough to be a fan of intense and yet also somehow uplifting series Game of Thrones. The battles and bloodshed and trauma we watch our favorite characters go through from week-to-week is incredibly difficult to watch — oh, the trials they must endure! — but what's even worse for fans, in my opinion, is everything our chump non-fan friends say to give us hard time about our beloved series. There are so many things Game of Thrones fans are sick of hearing, from "do you think Snow is really dead?" to "You know that show is just sex and violence, right?" Sure, there's a lot of sex, and a lot of violence, but there is so much more to the show than that, which makes us keep coming back for more –– even though everyone seems to have something to say about it.

But it's not just non-fans who have words to say about Game of Thrones: There's endless reviews of the series to read or listen to, and spoilers to try to dig through, and interviews with actors to obsess over. With all the content to go through, it's no surprise that we sometimes get a little tired of reading/listening to/watching the same old thing. Here's a few of those things Game of Thrones fans are sooooo over hearing.

1. "Is Jon Snow Really Staying Dead?"


I don't know yet, but constantly theorizing about it is making my life a living hell. (But let's be real, he's dead but he warged into Ghost and soon Melisandre is going to raise his body, duh.)

2. "Have You Heard The Theory That Jaqen H'ghar Is Also Such-In-Such Character?"


It's not cool to add Jaquen H'ghan into everyone's storyline. He's got his part in the ensemble, OK? He's a Faceless Man, so of course he technically can be anybody — maybe he was The Hound when The Hound was helping Arya, or maybe he was Jaime Lannister when he pushed Bran out the window — but honestly, I'm just over it. This theory is a little absurd, and it gets old.

3. "You Know That Game of Thrones Is Just Sex And Violence, Right?


Sure, we all know that's a big part of it, we aren't blind.

4. "[Some New Show] Is Game of Thrones Meets Breaking Bad."


Nothing is like Game of Thrones and don't you forget it!

5. "I Read The Books, So I Don't Need To Watch The Series."


If you read the books, you should most definitely want the supplement of the series. It brings all your favorite characters to new depth! Also, the series is nothing like the books now, so, you know, you're missing a lot.

6. "They Left [This One Small Characteristic] About [This One Character] Out."


Yes, they left a small characteristic in the books out of the show because this is a huge ensemble cast and they have to fit all of their stories into a 60-minute block of time. Let's be real here, it doesn't really matter that Tyrion's nose was supposed to be half-hacked off — because even with a full nose, he is still a super awesome character.

7. "Have You Heard This [One Spoiler]?"


No. No, I hadn't. And now I have. Thanks. For nothing.

8. "Aren't All Those Characters And Storylines Confusing?"


Well, that's why I keep the Game of Thrones wikia open at all times while watching — so I miss nothing.

9. "I'm Pretty Sure All Of The Characters Are Going To Die."


Don't forget: All men must die.

10. "Why Are There Zombies? That Doesn't Fit With The Fantasy Theme."


They aren't zombies, they are wights or white walkers you fool! And it's fantasy, so they can do whatever they want.

11. "Winter Is Coming."


This one goes straight to the heart of the actual show. Yeah, yeah, we keep hearing about "winter," but when is it actually going to come? This five-season long suspense is killing me.

Stay calm, Throne Fans. We've got many more months of annoying things we hear all the time considering Season 6 just began its run. Remember, winter is coming. Just summon up some Danaerys-style strength and ignore the haters!

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO, Giphy (11)