The Riddler Reveals Himself On 'Gotham,' But Stopping Him Won't Solve All Of Jim's Problems

Gotham Season 2 is on its way out, and the series just unraveled one of its biggest mysteries: Ed Nygma revealed he's the Riddler, the future supervillain who will confound Batman with his complicated mind games. And while this origin story kind of messes with the usual comic book plot, it's still a very satisfactory conclusion of Ed's transformation from good-natured nerd to full-on bad guy. And now Nygma is being sent to Arkham Asylum — will he get the Mr. Freeze treatment and wind up with supernatural powers? Will he be tortured but wind up with a newly kind and sweet demeanor, like the Penguin? Or will he be inexplicably set free after a single therapy session by Arkham head Hugo Strange, like Barbara?

We'll have to wait and see what happens to Nygma, but there's one person things are definitely not looking good for: Jim Gordon. Even though the rest of the cops were ready to invite Jim back to the force (ignoring the fact that he really did kill Galavan and frame the Penguin for it), not everything is back to normal for the future GCPD Commissioner. Lee Thompkins has moved and completely started over her life, and when Jim tried calling her, he couldn't even figure out what to say. And after he disappointedly realized that he had nothing to say to Lee, Jim was faced with one last surprise: Barbara standing at his front door. And let me remind you, this is the last time Barbara and Jim talked to one another:

What. A. Cliffhanger. Ever since she went to Arkham the first time, I've been curious about how Barbara would react to seeing Jim again. Would she still be jealous, over how he began planning a wedding and was going to have a baby with Lee? It seems like she is, based on that therapy session, but then I wonder why Strange and his assistant want to see what Barbara will do if she meets up with Jim again. Is it possible that she's managed to move on?

Jim may have been able to stop Ed Nygma and send him away for the murder of Kristen Kringle, but that doesn't mean he's out of the woods yet.

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